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Goodbye Chase
Goodbye to my friend, David Hussman
DevOps Minneapolis: Changing the Enterprise Session
Humble Leadership Profile
Minnebar 13
Why MailChimp for Weekly Thing
Book: Why Buddhism Is True
Your Version Number
Weekly Thing Enhancements
Identify Addictive Application Patterns
2017 in Meetings
2017 in Links
What apps make you better?
Removed Google Analytics
AWS re:Invent 2017 Keynote Notes
Envisioning a Cloud Native Wiki
Deer Strike
Driving Change
Assembling the Weekly Thing
Introducing the Weekly Thing
OmniFocus Tip: Using Context Notifications
Thinking in Decades
Turing Tumble on Kickstarter
Speaker Suggestions
Using Project Templates
Horseshoe Pits Completed!
Minnesota Original: Layne Kennedy
A Minnebar Ticketing Proposal
Creativity Vampires
Steve Wozniak at Augsburg College
Minnedemo 25 Recap
Sending Email to OmniFocus Using Flow in Office 365
Kubbchucks at 2017 Loppet Kubb Tournament
Collaborative GTD?
Vibe - Stats for OmniFocus
Technical Downsizing
Deleting Old Tweets with Tweet Delete
Email Rule to OmniFocus Action
Workflow for Meeting Management in Email
Mazie's Phone Essay
Spillo Wishlist
Spillo, a powerful Mac Pinboard app
The Big Short
First Time Curling
Meeting my Brother for the First Time
Pro RC Racing
Kids Book: Finding Winnie
First Big Snow of 2015 at Cabin
Diving into NAS with Synology DS416
Duet Display
The Martian
Open Source North 2015
S'mores Selfie (Oct 2015)
Journaling Habit
Namecheap Leaks Password in Security Notification
Lunar Eclipse 2015
Google+ Profile Deleted
See ya Reddit
2015 MN Air Spectacular
MN United v. NY Cosmos
Ex Machina
Memorial Day 2015
New Dock Put In
Apple Watch Arrived
Personal Drone Camera
SaneBox Week
"New" Cable?
Apple Watch Ordered
Kubb at the Cabin
Meditative Coffee
Comcast Using IPv6
Software for Good as B Corporation
Lego Firetruck
The Chess Master and the Computer by Garry Kasparov
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Musical at Stages Theater
One Smoothie, Two Straws
Minimum Vacation Policy
Logged off Facebook, For Good
Wanted: Dropcam Window Mount
Einstein Cabinet
For Those About To Rock
Twitter Spam #NFL
Olson Grandkids
2014 Olson Family Weekend
Supporting the Open Internet
Magic Pines
Question2Answer Number Captcha
I Voted 2014!
Titans of Tech 2014
Post-Halloween Breakfast
Investors eye site near Mpls. Farmers Market for MLS soccer stadium
Updated Dynamic Questy Captchas
SPS Kubb Class
Business Hours
Gooseberry Falls
Family Selfie
Classic Football
Tim Cook on Charlie Rose
Tyler's First Fish
Restarting AWS MN
Fall Poem
MoLo Labor Day
MoLo Kubb
First trip to Kyiv
MediaWiki LocalSettings for Farmers
Getting started with Ansible
Silhouette on Superior
WikiApiary Stickers
Mayday Did It!
Exploring Green Line
2014 TdF Begun
Silly Faces
Ice Cream Riot in Denver
Planet Kubb T-Shirts
2914 Coffee
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Inbox Metrics
New Standards for Mazie's Birthday
Mazie's iPad
How Facebook "Improves"
Cool Like My Dad
Our Neighborhood in 1938
Screen time
Kubb at Lake Harriet
Family Bike Ride
Edina Art Fair 2014
Bike the Border
Last Day of School 2014
Nasdaq SPS Commerce Market Bell Ceremony
House of Cards (Season 2)
Fashion Advice
Why WikiApiary uses pages and not articles
Wanted: Dash Docset for MediaWiki
OmniFocus is not a bug tracker
Neighborhood Badminton
CTO = Culture. Technology. Operations.
No Content Found
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Oatmeal: What it's like to own a Tesla Model S
SPS Commerce’ Omnichannel – A Big Vision
Keybase and MediaWiki
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No Content Found
The Worst "Mark all as read" Button Ever
Profile Photo (May 2014)
…like a monkey
Hat and Glasses
Email from Mazie
Dropcam Tabs
Frontline: Generation Like
Huge Impact of Linode Cloud Updates
PHP Post-Facebook
Remembering Farhan Muhammad
"Walk into a room of people just like you."
Dropbox Arbitration Opt-Out
Opt-Out of Google Plus Gmail integration
One Year for WikiApiary
Here's Everywhere You Should Enable Two-Factor Authentication Right Now
Merry Christmas 2014
Kids Running for Kid's World Marathon Challenge
Layne Kennedy's Light Over Iceland
$13.99 for 24 hours
Star Tribune in April 1999 on BigCharts Acquisition
Productivity Apps for iPad
Slapped with a Large Trout
Smartwool and Birkenstocks
Mazie's First Hockey Game
Golden Espreso
Congratulations Alona & Dylan!
LinkedIn: Yes, I know my daughter!
Saugatuck Dune Ride
Saugatuck Brewing Sampler
Saugatuck Beaches
New Holland Brewing Sampler
Password v. Passphrase
Paging Large Datasets in Semantic MediaWiki
Don't Ruin the Past with Reality
Pictures from 2013 US Nationals Kubb Championship
Goodbye to my friend, John Riedl
Stopping MediaWiki Spam with Dynamic Questy Captchas
10th Annual Olson Family Weekend
Display MediaWiki job queue size inside your wiki
Catalog Unsubscribing
"Uncomfortable about how the internet's developing"
RSS Infinity Mirror
Google Reader RIP; Long Live RSS!
I'm a boy and I'm three.
2013 Minnesota Kubb Tournament Photos
Tyler's Favorite Website
"That regulation?"
Please Charge Me Something
Adding Email Mention Notification to WordPress P2
Dads and Donuts at Berry Patch
MediaWiki Template Filter Title
Guest network now
Visiting National Eagle Center
Robyn Hitchcock at The Dakota
Pedal Pub in the Rain
New Standards at The Dakota
AT&T LTE Spotting
Pictures from 2012 Dallas Oktoberfest Kubb Tournament
Happy Birthday Mom!
Iceland Trip Video
Tyler's "Big Boy" Cookie
Waiting for the Rain
Backing Up While Traveling
Wheels for Iceland
Packed for Iceland Photography Trip
Next Stop: Reykjavik
Mazie and Tyler
Trolley Train
Americoob Attempting to Siphon Traffic from USA Kubb
Photos from 2012 US National Kubb Championship
Terms of Service Screens
Reference Macchiato
Website for my Photography
Bookmarking with Semantic MediaWiki
2% Real Maple Syrup
Happy Fathers Day 2012
My Setup for WWDC on Monday
Airport BSOD
Interest in Twin Cities OmniFocus Meet Up?
Great WiFi Network Name
Playing in Creek
My Sessions at MinneBar 7
B-Squad 2012 Season Underway
Tyler at the Keys
Fresh the movie
Our Family Easter 2012
Travels to Iceland
MediaWiki Template Get Hostname
Green Hat
Joining the Dollar Shave Club
Another Reason You Need to Use a Password Manager
Cool Kubb Bumper Sticker
Smell of Fresh Kubb
Spontaneous Game of Tag
Kubb Practice
Versioned Backup of Typerighter Account
Tyler Turns Two
The Shining
Girlyman at 7th Street Entry
Shutting Down Some Websites
Tyler's Domain
Super Fort
Morning Smoothie
SOPA Scrapbook
Participating in SOPA Blackout
Lightroom 4 Gets Maps!
Birthday Dinner at Heidi's Chef's Table
Yama Cold Brew Drip Tower
Morgan Remodel Final Pictures
CaringBridge Illuminate
Tyler's First Stitches
Mazie and Tyler
Our Family - November 2011
Count 404's in group of access logs
Tammy's Favorite Picture of Me
Move to Linode
Bring on the Snow
iTunes Match Updates Ratings and Play Counts
Good Commies Hi-Res Cover Art
Typing Big Green Egg on iPhone
Garage Reclaimed
First Snow of 2011
Coffee is Oxygen?
Happy Halloween 2011
Margin Call
Chile Cornmeal-Crusted Tofu
Moneyball the movie
Hot-Sauce Glazed Tempeh
Ratatouille on Big Green Egg
Dolphin Tale
Making Soup in Vitamix
Beautiful Jacks
Remodel Update Week 18
Vitamix in the house
Tyler Double Doodling
Jobs Cake
Steve Jobs, t_hero.png
gapingvoid: Rays
Always Connected
Matt Cutts Copying Me
Soccer with Puddles
Remodel Update Week 17
Marathon Morning
Detect Slow Cacti Polling
30 Day Vegan Challenge
iPad Stolen
Tyler Working Lock
LoFerno Fire Pit
Keep Out
Family Room Built-in
Remodel Update Week 16
32 Plants Planted
Remodel Update Week 15
Ring the Bell 2011
Remodel Update Week 14
Delicious Pancakes with Fresh Berries
Remodel Update Week 13
Midnight in Paris
Document Versioning in Mac OS X Lion
Test Post for RSS Feed
Tyler's Tractor
Remodel Update Week 12
Mazie's 2011 "So Long Summer" Performance
Playhouse for the Kids
Impromptu Smores
Crouch Without the Ouch
Remodel Update Week 11
Remodel Update Week 10
Majestic Trees
Efficient Market
Remodel Update Week 9
Us in July 2011
U2 360° FanCam
Remodel Update Week 8
Electrician named Sparky
Tyler Playing with Shoes
Remodel Update Week 7
U2 360° Alien Stage
Soggy Outside
Remodel Update Week 6
Perceived Project Progress
Car Seat Toy
Car Seat Does Fit in Mini
Minnehaha River?
Square Surprisingly Useful
Concrete Trucks
Bubblers Against Bottled Water
Remodel Update Week 5
Filtering Google Plus Notification emails
Cedar Rapids
Steel is In
Glow in the Dark B-Squad Shirts
Where the Sidewalk Ends
First Week of Standing Desk
Black Keys at Roy Wilkins
Tyler the Monkey
Epic Fourth of July!
T-Rexing a Donut
Bubble Jack
Remodel Update Week 4
Dirt Conveyor
Cupcake Surprise
Basement Destruction
Concrete Poured
Cars 2 in 3D
AT&T: Stop Reminding Me You're Expensive
Tyler Mowing
Remodel Update Week 3
Standing Desk Trial
Saturday at Science Museum
Multi Ping Pong
Construction Excavation
Saving Plants
Open Eye Backyard Puppet Show
Google Reminding People to Update
Fun Day at Zoo
Considering Mini Countryman All4
Windsource Savings
Tyler Learning to Sit in a Chair
Remodel Update Week 2
Remodel Update Week 1
Hunger Games Trilogy
Twins Game
The King's Speech
Spring 2011 Cyclones
Mazie Soccer Trophy
Game Day
Memorial Day Tribute
Mazie's 2nd Soccer Season
Tyler in the Art Table
Remodel Project Starts
Mom Saves Azalea Bush
Hot Dashboards
Congrats to Jim on First Marathon!
Outdoor Burner
Inside Job
Twins Fan Tyler
Memorial Day Grilling
Mazie In Tree
General contractor
Foo Fighters in Council Bluffs
Asking For Too Much
Why I run my own websites
MinneBar 6 Photos
Twilight Zone on Netflix Streaming
Sweet Bitch
MinneBar 6 Opening
Great View at Rosewood
Tesla Roadster Sighting
Pot Rack
Backyard Lights
$75 For Gas
Happy Easter!
My New Espresso Bar
What plants for our backyard?
Odd Facebook Conversations
Improved Workspace with Monitor Arm
Family, Cousins
Tyler's Awesome Yoda Shirt
Triumph of the City: Minneapolis
Centralized Data Breaches
Font Stack of Boredom™
Tammy's New Haircut
Got my Fitbit
Tyler Resting
Kids Bookshelf
Vacation Coffee Break
Tyler and Dad
Less is More
592.2 miles
Artists' Point
First Shots with Lensbaby
Tilt Shift Lens
First Shots with Tilt-Shift Lens
Save the Lead
My Mobile Data Usage Trends
How Much Do I Write?
Tyler Walking
Me Shooting on Artists Point
Busted For Bad Camera Management
Lasagna on Big Green Egg
Tired Tyler
Presenting from iPad
Mac Rx Work
Was Wrong on OpenID
The Black Keys "Brothers"
Michael Birawer Prints
368MB of Ads
More Deep Snow
Driveway Avalanche
Ridiculous Plate for Demitasse
New Standards Pano at Lantern Festival Gala
New Standards at Lantern Festival Gala
I [Heart] Unix
First Run with Chemex
February Minnehaha Creek at Dusk
Creek on Ice
Heart Shaped Pancakes
Happy Valentines Day 2011
Double Big Green Egg Table
EGGfest Chili
Basic Currency of the Internet
Why No Mail Encryption on iPad?
Sunday Afternoon Sledding
LinkedIn InMap
Family Websites Updated
Big Green Egg Buyers Guide
Birthday Photo Shoot
Mazie the Butterfly
Tyler and his Music Table
"Dad, I am glad to see you"
Mt. Tamalpais
Abrasive Ale
Empty Airplane Seats
Playing with Blocks
Mazie the Singer
Tyler Playing with his Shoes
Minnedemo (Jan 2011) Starting
Me at Minnedemo
MacVelope Arrived
"Synced" Is Not a Word
Stuck in a contract?
Kindle Icon Confusion
Apps With Notifications
Tyler Conquers Stairs
Snowshoeing in the Park
One Hour of Cardboard
Huge Snowman
Mountain Boy Sleds Arrived
TRON: Legacy
Happy Birthday: MacBook Air
Tyler Helping Unload Dishwasher
Ice Pellets and Big Green Egg
Cyclists at Yum!
Sorry State of Sleds
Park Husband Here
Mazie Jewelry Shopping
Mazie's Angry Bird
Mazie the Young Photographer
Homemade Caramel Rolls
Snow Fire
Minnesota Grilling
Merry Christmas 2010
Smaller Desktop Footprint
Kids See Santa 2010
Mazie Doing Puzzle
Tyler Working on Standing
Got my Glif!
Mazie Español
OmniFocus and Sync Server Possibilities
Learning Carcassonne
Sparklines Used Well and Cover Art
Good Passwords with 1Password
Snow Shelf
Plowed In
Chase Running in Snow
Blowing Snow
Snowed In
Snow Day
I'm Broke(n)
Full Bus
Twitter Spam
Attract Customers with WiFi Name
Oatmeal Ratio
First Photo Book: Stone/Steel/People
Canon Listened to me!
It's When You Wake Up?
Brilliant: Swivel Tree Stand
Upgrade Bonanza!
No More Beatles Rumors
Editing a Book
Dental WiFi
Shipping Air
Transit Equality
Tyler and Grandma Rosalin
Daylight Savings
Mazie's First Soccer Game
Prime Rib Sliced
Prime Rib Rubbed for Egg
Prime Rib Resting
Prime Rib on the Egg
Grilling in the Rain
Solar System in CSS
Pork Shoulder on Big Green Egg
Fresh Strawberry Tart with Port Glaze
Day Game at Target Field
Birawer Painting of Target Field
Depressing Phone Tree
Double Grilled Cheese Dego
US v. Ghana at Riverview Theater
Flickr, Leaving You in Control
Big Green Egg Truck
Swing Set on the Way!
iOS 4 Folders for Context
First CSA Box of the Season
Normal State of Alertness
Social Media iPhone Icons
Dego Melt
eBooks are Lighter
Tyler Giggling
Happy Mothers Day
Find My Phone
Scape Goat Beer
Man Versus Huge Book
Please Rate Me
Architect Writing
Big Move Started
You are not special.
Bent Nail IPA
Stock Charts in HTML5
Lil' Brother Playing Bass
iPad Ordered!
Lift Bridge Beer
Tron Legacy Trailer
Peeing and Hockey
Forks over Knives
Democratization of Media
Avett Brothers on Austin City Limits
Blogging Block
Dinner in New House
MacBook Hopes
I'm considering one of the LaCie 4Big
Tyler Sleeping
Five years ago today Road Sign…
Tyler Born!
What URL will your kids blog be at?
Showing Your Kid to Program
High Resolution Album Art #3
Spirit of the Web
iTunes Smart Playlist: Three Plays
Ugly Bug in Mac OS X Address Book?
I and Love and You
Canon, let me lock my mode!
Ridiculous Web Surveys
Adding Symbols to Mind Maps
Saving at the Dentist
New Video Stingers (v2)
Unix Lesson for Today
Video: Open Internet
Surly Darkness
Unauthorized Transactions
Unauthorized Transacations
Welcome Windows 7
Shooting Anvils
R.I.P. Thawte Web of Trust Smart Mailboxes
Inspired Software Keynote
Drobo Scares
The Wire, Season 4
Beyoncé, Single Ladies
1+1 Macchiatto
Four Pounds of Tenderloin
Plate of Tenderloin
Steamworks Coffee Macchiato
SurlyFest 2009
Don't be a dick
Improving a pain-in-the-ass
Kawishiwi Falls
Ely 2016
Canal Park and Gooseberry Falls
Big Green Egg Pro Tip: Vent Alignment
Aaron Kaercher & His Crazy Neighbors
No Content Found
No Content Found
iTunes 9 Removes Old iPhone Restore Images
Freezer Canning Tomatoes
Fancy Flash Websites on the iPhone
No Content Found
2009 State Fair
Julie & Julia
No Content Found
iTunes Feature Request: Song Linking
State Fair Day
State Fair Corn
Max's 30th Birthday Party
No Content Found
Ridiculous Grill
Deck Resurfaced
Windows Tax
Surly Fest
How to Expire Tweets on Twitter
No Content Found
TED Video: Hans Rosling Dataset Mindset
Mazie Photo Shoot
Goodbye Blue Dog Mural
No Content Found
No Content Found
No Content Found
Surly Hell
iPhone Pro Tip: Launch Apps with Spotlight
Why don't RSS Readers support kill files?
No Content Found
Water Lily
Izzy: Could Not Be Happier
17 Again
No Content Found
No Content Found
Mini Parking Only
Mazie on Skuut
No Content Found
No Content Found
No Content Found
No Content Found
No Content Found
Using Google Reader "Send To" with WordPress
Signature Required Delivery
No Content Found
No Content Found
No Content Found
Dropping the www
Blue jeans
My Solution for Microsoft to Get Nerds Back
Entrepreneur in Residence at Split Rock Partners
Coldplay at Alpine Valley
Tron Legacy in 2010
Self-help Books That Will Actually Work
Away We Go
Bistecca alla Fiorentina on the Big Green Egg
Big Green Egg at 700
Surly Firkin Furious!
Pork shoulder on the Big Green Egg
Pork shoulder on Big Green Egg
Omar of Surly @ Grumpy’s
Grilled artichokes!
Big Green Egg at 7am!
Joining the Board of CaringBridge
Fancy Email Signatures with hCard Microformat
Burger Jones First Impression
Big Green Egg class!
Wendy and Lucy
New Glarus Brewing
Pulled Pork Sandwich
New Glarus Totally Naked
Triple Hoppy!
Not my Big Green Egg
Awesome Macchiato
The Wrestler
Giant Ice Cream
Peppa Pig DVD Covers Part 2
Xefer Twitter Visualization
iPhone 3.0 Phone Label
Flying Scotsman
Nicely done Macchiato
Macchiato Isn't Caramel
Homemade Ice Cream!
First Shot at Homemade Ice Cream
Star Trek Movie
Isn’t Hüsker Dü a band?
Happy birthday to not you.
Peppa Pig DVD Covers
Learning to Make Sausage
No Content Found
Flank Steak
Unordered Lists to Comma Separated List
The Brads - Distractions
Interviewing Your Kid?
I want.
No Content Found
Mazie Ecstatic
Learning to make sausage
Freezer full of over 30 pounds of sausage
No Content Found
The Hot Spots for Organic Food
Racks on the Big Green Egg
The Gang at the Saints Game
Sound of Baseball!
Mazie and Tammy at the Saints game!
Now Reading for Wordpress 2.7+
Big Green Egg Tandoor!
ColdSnap "Art of Seeing" Photo Workshop
Bartender Bricker
My first deep dish pizza
Mazie making pizza!
Cars are Coffins
Why do Cyclists Tweet?
Entrepreneurship Class at Carlson
"Chase" by Jamie Thingelstad
Black and Bricker
The Typographic Desk Reference
Introducing VeloTweets - The Pulse of the Peloton
Lindsay rocking the thin crust pizza
Solar Energy
Tetris Shower
Shoulder Riding
Being Silly
This is a great infographic
Starting a business is...
Manbirdpig Flu
Sea Monkeys
I was super lucky this year
Role Models
The Soloist
State of Play
Open Font Library
Yikes - that’s a lot of stuff
Minnedemo on May 7th, 2009
First Attempt at Commercial Photography
Mazie's Project
Mazie and Caroline
No Content Found
Spring in Minnesota
Mazie and I at Lion's Tap
Angry Mazie
Tres Chickens on Big Green Egg
Little Green Egg
Burning the Christmas tree.
Dogs still suck
Mazie's First Scuffle
“Sweet Treat”
Mazie Mastering her Skuut
Mazie playing with shoes!
Mazie out on her bike
Flight Control
No Content Found
Friendly Social URLs Using Redirects
Flight Control - Great iPhone Game
Tracking Twitter Followers with Cacti
Twouble with Twitters
Twitter and Onions
I Love You, Man
Yo-Yo Ma
Willie and the Wheel
My Robot Returns
Making waffles with Mazie
Lightroom Keyword Lists
Guest On Minnesota Public Radio's Midmorning Today
Nice evening of grilling on the Big Green Egg
Be Smarter, Calibrate your Thermometers
Live auction.
Happy Pi Day!
P2: The New Prologue
Mother of All Funk Chords
iTunes Needs iTunes Syncing
iPod Shuffle Isn't First to Talk
RAGBRAI 2009 Full Route Announced
Scheduling Help: When Is Good
First Try at Studio Photography
The Wire
Registered for RAGBRAI!
Chase's Mug Shot
Baked Ziti
Photos from Overnight Website Challenge
Nice night for a fire
Elizabeth Kreutz
OmniGraffle Scripts
Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Photographing the Overnight Website Challenge
Photo Ninja Belt
I love the smell of this place
Bottle Shock
20 Corporate Brand Logo Evolution
Beef Tenderloin
Family Ski Weekend
Removing clay from wheel
Enough Twitter already!
Driving at night
Start Seeing Black Dogs
Great Cartoon
No Content Found
Back to Bartering
PDML Photo Annual
Cafe Mozart
Michelle and Tammy
Mazie chilling at a restaurant
Watching the herd flow through Starbucks
Kiln Success
Kiln Success 2
Driving to Chicago
Wintergreen Plunge Mittens
Photos from Wintergreen Dog Sledding Trip
Photography, Taking the Long Way
Flashback: BigCharts Partnership Portfolio from 1997
Dumpy Restaurant...
Mazie Skiing
Eat Lamb
The Turning Gate Lightroom Web Galleries
World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms
Wintergreen Photography Workshop in Google Earth
North Shore Photography Workshops
Hardwood Floor installation tomorrow!
Google Forcing Software Update Install
Bend to Visualization
Dogsledding Forecast
Cloudy Day
I Am Here: One Man's Experiment With the Location-Aware Lifestyle
Thermapen, Grill Like a Pro
Kopplin's Coffee
DirecTV Canceled
1 minute
How Shift Lenses Change your Life
Kids Step Stool
“Fresh pain”
CNN Subject Lines
Next Minnedemo is Feb. 6, 2009
January 20, 2009
Celebrating our new President
Awesome Mac-n-Cheese!
Alocola Brings Location Info to the Web
I use OpenDNS, and you should too!
Winter Grilling
Lion Sweater
Fluid Love for Mint
Chase and Izzy
Bamboo Hardwood Floors Installed in Bedroom
Where are the best photography spots in Minneapolis?
Brunch at Butter
No Content Found
iTunes Tip: Using a "No Playlist" Playlist
Freedom of American Coffee Enjoyment Resolution
Hardwood Floor!
Stopping Twitter Updates on Facebook
MobileMe Sync Loves Apple, Inc.
Mazie at Swim Class
No Content Found
Mazie Sings Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Lightroom Tip: Smart Collection for Pictures Without Location
Kiva Impact
Bottle Cap Tripod
Awesome Customer Service from Petzl
I'm going Dog Sledding, with my Camera!
Upgraded Apple TV Hard Drives
Aerogarden Progress
AirTunes Bug in Apple TV 2.3
Subscribe Fail
The Kiln Room
Tetris Tiles
Stacks of art.
Guess What This Is
That's hot!
Keep Track of DRM Protected Content in iTunes
All of iTunes now DRM Free
MobileMe Needs Time Machine
How to Remove Your "Wall" on Facebook
Tammy making donuts
Sweet Shop Baking.
Caramel Pecan Rolls
Stating the Obvious
“Somebody’s hands are sticking out!”
That’s a lot of AirTunes!
Phoebe after the New Standards show
Needed: AirFoil SDK for iPhone
Naked Whiz T-Rex Steak
New Years Eve grilling!
Egghead Forum
New Standards jamming at the Dakota.
Best Typefaces of 2008
AirTunes Music Bliss
AeroGarden getting started
Chase in the Snow
Merry Christmas 2008
Coldplay the "Biggest Band in the World"?
Ugly Bash Scripting
MacBook Battery Toast
Dogs Suck
Upgraded to WordPress 2.7
Mir:ror - RFID for the Home
Holiday Hay Ride
DirecTV v. iTunes & Apple TV
Another Contribution High Resolution Album Art
Comcast Broadband Upgrade - Faster
'Back to My Mac' Needs iTunes Sharing Support
Refill Products, Reduce Plastic Waste
Joining M4V Files is Painful
Improved Updating of Apps in iPhone 2.2
Eco-Friendly Painting, Safecoat
Under 300 - First Milestone Complete
Twitter Down for Database Maintenance
Garage Shelves, Awesome
Parent Poll: Bath Time
Contribution to High Resolution Album Art
Mazie's 2008 School Picture
Double Espresso
Mazie and Mom at Yum
I Voted, 2008!
Facebook Election Widget
Pause, Pause, Play?
Baked Oatmeal
Mazie's 3rd Halloween
Stop Twitter Direct Messages
Caught on Camera at One on One
Weight Loss Check-in for Oct 24, 2008
TED: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on Flow
King Corn
Break the Bottled Water Habit
Texting Car Repair
Fourth Spin Class
Diving in with DNG
Weight Loss Tool: My Diary
Canon 5D Mark II Video - Reverie
Weight Loss Check-in for Oct 10, 2008
MinneWordCamp Not Happening
iPhone Feature Need: Block WiFi Network
Google Language Detection Problems
Bee Docs' Timeline 3D: Mac Developer Special Touch
New Kitchen Toys for Applesauce
Canon Exceeded Download Capacity?
Lightroom 2 64-bit Printing
Foreclosure Alley
Too Fat, Losing Weight
Joined LA Fitness
First Spin Class in 4+ Years
MacBook Pro Battery on the Ropes
Which is it?
Too Much Trash
Stackin' Wood, Exhausted
Backdraft on Big Green Egg
Abalastow Compendium
Lance Returns to Racing!
Royal Observatory and Prime Meridian
Heading to Scotland
Zorro the Musical
Mazie and Daddy Day in London
Whole Foods to the Rescue
Mom Arrives in London
Visiting Friends Alice & John
Lightroom 2 Makes Vacation Look Even Better
iPhone App - Units
Harrods - World's Largest Something
Espresso Abroad
London Apartment
Living with a 3G Modem
Getting to London
Winnipeg Folk Festival 2008 Kids
C-Lazy-U Horse Run Video
Quordy - Awesome Game
WordPress iPhone Application and RSD Link
Organizing iPhone Apps
Awesome Mazie Picture
Summer of Love Resuming - Preparing for London
Scoring Gymnastics, Bring the Computers
Reasons to Love Cold Press Coffee
Go Dollar!
First ALT.NET Meetup
Iron Chef Minnetonka - Egg
iPhone App - SleepOver
Don's 70th Birthday Party
Computer Overloaded
Electric Outlet Debugging
Lightroom 2 in 64-bit Glory
WordPress for iPhone
Cup Plants Flowering
Winnipeg Folk Festival 2008 Albums
Driveway Paved
Driveway Removal
Tiny Tonka T-Ball
My Haircut
Horse Run
Road Trip So Long You Need An Oil Change
Summer of Love Index - Updated
Take a Lap in the Lazy River
The Soul of a New Machine by Tracy Kidder
Happy Fathers Day 2008!
Daddy's Girl Turns Three
Driving to Vegas
$5.50 Gasoline
Expansive, Powerful and Majestic
Sounds of the Redwoods
Walking Among the Redwoods
Redwood Highway (US-199)
Curly Redwood Lodge
Super Mom
RailsConf 2008 Recap
Bricking my Linksys WTR-54GS
Summer of Love Index
Find Friends on Flickr
Seattle Recap
New Blog Theme?
Mount St. Helens
Rhythm of Travel
Great Music - Greg Merkle
Delicious Library 2 Released
Blogger Born? Smaller Than A Redwood
Baby Monitor in the Hallway
Mazie Gets Camera
Sounds of Glacier
Sites Now on Slicehost
Site Performance as seen by Google
Glacier National Park Photos
Trail of the Cedars
Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
Rainy and Cold
New iPod Classic 160G
All Day on I-94
Gibber Jabber
40 Under Forty Award
Walking the Dogs
Taking Mazie to School
Themes: The Worst of the WordPress Ecosystem
Power WordPress Presentation Materials
Farewell Video
MarketWatch, Dow Jones Chapter Closing
Changing Primary Workstations
Flashback: MarketWatch in Windows 2000 Launch
Power WordPress Session at Minnebar
Mazie's School Picture
Jazz on Street
Iron Chef Minnetonka - Yogurt
Yum Kitchen gets WiFi
Al's Breakfast
Local Burger and Miltons
Deskjet Printer as Retail Display
Big Smith & Blue Mountain at The Bottleneck
TED - Podcast You Should Be Watching
Minneapolis Getting Comcast Love
Good Luck to Hector in Ironman Arizona
Sign up for 2008 Minnebar
How Software Is Built Interview
How Software Is Built Interview
Summer of Love Preview
Flashback: BigCharts on CNBC
Zip Code Insult for Gas
New York Taxis Get Computers
More FriendFeed Fun
FriendFeed Duplication via Mashing
Airbags Kaput, What Would You Do?
Publisher Party at Hearst Tower
FriendFeed is Pretty Cool
Pragmatic Studio: Rails Studio Graduate!
Wii Suggestion, Flickr!
Tip: Paying Attention with Laptop
Pragmatic Studio: Rails Studio Day 3
Rails API using Fluid SSB
Pragmatic Studio: Rails Studio Day 2
Hello Again, Twitter
Fluid and Site-Specific Browsers
Flashback: The Day Webfront Died
Beautiful Evidence
Pragmatic Studio: Rails Studio Day 1
Caffeine for your Mac
Fugaise Restaurant
Quiet Lately
Interested in a Minneapolis WordCamp?
Apple TV Take 2 Initial Impressions
Mac OS X 10.5.2 Update is Out!
Okay, This is Cold
In Defense of Food - An Eater's Manifesto
Confluence Case Study
Mazie's Awesome T-Shirt
Mazie's First Voicemail
Mazie and the Mirrors
Delicious Library 2 Interview
Tufte Returning to Minneapolis June 23 & 24
Jumpnode Network Appliance
Solving Offsite Backups
Registered for RailsConf 2008
Shaving Green
Revamped OS X Desktop
New Years Resolutions - Tech Edition
Chase's "Procedure"
Spreading the Digital Love
WordPress Upgraded to 2.3.2
36th Birthday!
Get a Monopod and Improve Your Home Movies
Get a Gravatar and Be Cool!
Defensive Domain Names
Western Digital 1TB My Book
It's a Wii Christmas
Beat Guitar Hero III on Medium
Merry Christmas 2007
Awesome Bluetooth Headset Dude!
2007 Holiday Letter
Vimeo Solves Video Problems
Guitar Hero III - 497 Note Streak
"All In" On Apple TV
New Apple Store in New York
Dow Jones Disco Party 2007
Christmas Tree 2007
OLPC XO-1 Arrived
Nintendo Wii Servers Overloaded
Guitar Hero III Rocks the Wii
Blog Cred to Dictionary Evangelist
Winnipeg Folk Festival Finale Study Guide
Welcome Chase!
iPhone Screen Broken
Pleo Hatches
Mount Your iPhone While Flying
Open Thread: Presenting at Code Freeze 2008
Linksys WTR-54GS: Making Travel Better for Internet Junkies
Crash Pen
Copyright Notice in RSS Feed
Stay Focused in WriteRoom
Website Updates (Nov 2007)
Top 10 Apple Wishes - iTunes Edition
2007 Readers Survey
Upcoming Office Holiday Party
CPR Training at Red Cross
iTunes Ecosystem
The Office Men's Bathroom
I Made a Pie!
Can't I Buy Overpriced Gas In Quiet?
Apple, Please Make This - Apple TV + iPhone = iCar
One Laptop Per Child, and Me
Chipai Fishing Trip Video
Launch of
Initial Review of GMail's IMAP Service
Mixed Green Messages
iTunes Social Edition
The Hold Steady at the State Theater
Buh-Bye Twitter
Minnedemo 3 a Wrap
Mazie's Big Girl Bed
Leopard Has Arrived
Tammy Finishes Twin Cities Marathon
Super Cool Avatars
Moved to Dreamhost and WordPress 2.3
Electric Arc Radio
2007 Minneapolis Bike Tour
Stop Drinking Bottled Water
Etymotic Research ER6 Earbuds for iPhone
Mazie's First RenFest
Mario Strikers Charged for Wii
Uptown Art Fair 2007
Son Volt at the Zoo
"Let's Go Mets!"
"Hello Daddy!"
Beastie Boys Bombard Brooklyn
Welcome to Lunkerville
Major Blow for US Cycling
Got a Message
Canadian Fishing Trip Recap
LaserJet Memory Upgrade
24" iMac in the House
Frenzic and Quinn
Doping in the Tour
Worst CD Ever
Cargo Shorts Banned from Cycling
2007 Winnipeg Folk Festival Recap
2007 Winnipeg Folk Fest via Twitter
Randy's Sanitation does Organics
Maximum Runtime for iPhone Battery
iPhone Day via Twitter
Initial iPhone Impression
iPhone Activation
I got my iPhone
Mazie's First Baseball Game
Cold Press Coffee
Canadian Fishing Trip Intro
2007 Olson Family Weekend
Serious Development in JavaScript
Going Offline with Google Gears
My Robot and Steven Wright
Drive to Work Take 2
Directory Structure for Digital Photos
What food would you give up the Internet for?
Solatube Installed
Drive to Work
Shoe Experimentation
Canon SD750
Assembling Mazie's Birthday Present
Jon Stewart Stand-up Night
Stranded in New York
Frost/Nixon on Broadway
OpenID Makes Identity Easy
Weekend Away to Birdwing Spa
"Wall Street" sequel coming!
New Adobe CS3 Icons
Minnebar 2007
Capacious Memory
New Look for the Site
Starting MinneLightroom
Happy Dog
American Craft Show 2007
Mr. Mom Weekend Wrap!
Mr. Mom Weekend via Twitter
Highrise: CRM for Home?
Pay Attention to Snacks
Lightroom Keywords
The Knob
Fathering a Puppy is Hard
Running the Gauntlet
First Day as Mr. Mom
GPS Track Rant
Bye Bye iMac G5
Spring Saturday
Minnebar 2007 on April 21st
Location and GPS in Lightroom
Apple TV in the house
Welcome Izzy!
We're Getting a Dog!
Linked - How Everything is Connected
Introducing my Robot
Wordpress Upgraded to 2.1.2
WiFi at Lakewinds
What I Learned on AM Radio
Weekend in Chicago
Great Comic
Family Tree
Making Tab Work "Right" in OS X
Everyone Votes on Wii
PackRat - Taking Backpack on the Road
50th and France WiFi
Blackberry Break
Bye Bye Thunderbird, Hello GMail
Super Bowl in the rain
Permalinks and SEO
Biggest Croissant Ever
Minnesota Rollergirls
Update on Weight Loss Program
Searches Reaching My Site
Fanatical About Backpack
Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.7 Moves Out
The Water Tastes Different
My Birthday
New Baby Monitor
Article in Twin Cities Business Journal
Must Have Thunderbird Add-Ons
Death by Metadata
Weather is freaking me out
We Love the Wii
Merry Christmas 2006
Operation Junk Mail
Wii Component Cables
USB Drive Roundup
Mazie's Kitchen
Mac Pro in the House
Butter Bakery
Mazie Conquers Stairs
Dad Skill #138
Wii Meets the Family
Migrating .Text to WordPress
Telescope Still Confounds Me
Wii In The House!
The Kindness of Strangers
Good Spam Filtering for Home
PS3 and Wii Bananza
Threat Level Orange
Smaller Than a Redwood
Wii Obsession?
Backyard Fires
Monster of the Milky Way
Perhaps the Geekiest Thing Possible?
New Site Up!
New Website Coming!
Google Reader -- Thumbs Up!
First RUM Meeting
Triple Caffeine Shotgun to the Head
How Many of Me?
Sore Thumbs!
Holiday MinneDemo
Birth of a Painting
Georgia Aquarium
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 37
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 35
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 34
Thank You for the Sleep
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 33
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 32
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 31
Mazie's Words
MacBook, Parallels and Windows Vista
Fender Bender
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 28
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 27 - AT
Crazy, Sleep Deprived Dad!
Traveling With a One Year Old
From the Mouth of Babes or Tammy's as it were...
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 24
Reflections on the Northeast Corridor
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 23
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 22
Great Adventure in Google Earth
First Two Weeks
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 17
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 16
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 15
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 12
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 10
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 8
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 4
Speed Matters
Jump into 802.11n
Game On: Time to Lose Weight
East Coast Adventure '06 - Day 3
Best Kiss Ever
Celebrity Spotting: Doug Savant
I Won!
Nintendo DS Lite
Looking for Land
Brain Games
Mill City Farmers Market
Happy (Delayed) Fathers Day
Mazie's Birthday
Solar Panels Started
Save Some Birds
Xcel Energy Cheating Customers
An Inconvenient Truth
Slow Down
Solar Project Update #3
Safety Stairs
Network Revamp
Mazie Walking!
T-Rex Flying
Solar Project Update #2
Noise Canceling Headphones First Impression
Mazie at 9 Months
Solar Project Update
Noise Canceling Headphones
Deer at Bird Feeder
Mazie Graduates to Bigger Car Seat
T-Rex Assembled
Mazie's Sick
iPod Nano
First Attempt at RC Camera
Shotgun Microphone
Mazie Gets Teeth
Roof Replacement
New Camera Lens
Yum Kitchen and Bakery
The Earth Is Enough
Canon 12x36 IS II Binoculars
Desktop Blogging
The Year of RAW
Birthdays and Setpoints
Open Letter to Hopkins School Board
Salut and Ravello
300 Gallons!
RC Helicopter
Photo Storage Article Published
Mazie Sleeps Through Night!
Mazie at 6 Months
I [Heart] Hobbies
Celebrity Spotting: Al Franken
The "Not-So-Open" WRT54G
Home Vacation
'tis the Season
Miss... TiVo... So... Much...
Restaurant: Naar Grille
Google Analytics - Overload?
Terabytes of Disneyworld
Digital Photography Storage Explosion
Construction Zone
San Jose Trip
Baby Stuff
Music Everywhere!
Mazie Moves... To Her Bedroom
2005 Olson Family Weekend
Mazie's First Concert
Just Typing
Rix Bar & Grill
Honda Odyssey Pt. 2
Mazie Mazie Mazie
Purple HDMI TiVo
Honda Odyssey
Change Game Setback
Trouble Having a Geek Dad
Dad Tips
Mazie 3-month Update
LDAP Coming Soon
The Farm
Jamie v. Racoons
Weekend Geekfest
Four Hours of Frustration
Two Weddings in Two Days
Mazie's 2-month Checkup
Make Minneapolis Bicycle Friendly
Mazie at 8 Weeks
Landscaping Wonders
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Uptown Art Fair Conclusion
Camera Upgrade: Canon 20D
Uptown Art Fair Preview
Now I've Made .Text Unhappy
20•21 Restuarant
Congratulations Discovery!
Mazie at 6 Weeks
Lance Wins #7
Bicycle Commuting
Hiking With Baby
Cutest Baby Ever
RC Cars Live!
Mowing the Lawn
Go George! Hincapie Wins Stage!
A Walk in the Woods
Windows Media Player as Infant Education
EarthRoamer: Now this is an RV!
Blog Upgrades
Mazie Turns 1-Month
Not All Fun and Games
Lance and #7 (cont.)
Happy Independence Day!
Lance and #7
Power... Out... Again...
Comment Spam Protection
Too Cold! Too Hot!
Stopping TrackBack Spam with DotText
Mazie, The First Week
Being Daddy
New Addition
Happy Birth Day Mazie Kaye!
Hardcore Geeking!
Back on the Air!
Another Baby Update
Roku M1000
PhatBox Installed
No Baby Yet
The Christmas Bell
Tree Mosaic
Star Wars III
Fun with MRTG and SNMP
Daddy Boot Camp
Breastfeeding Class Data Center
Bike to Work Week
Finding Pants In Manhattan
Bad Leadership
Airplane Stare
HTTP Compression
Google Web Accelerator, Just say NO!
Glengarry Glen Ross on Broadway
Mac OS 10.4, Tiger?
Living Green Expo
Satellite Operators Devolving
Happy Birthday!
Edward Tufte
D.I.Y. Mosaic
Attached To Baby
Baby Stirs
Intranet for Home
Name Voyager
Photos From Trip
New Laptop, Sony VGN-S360
Vacation Is A Wrap
Final Night at Star Hill
To Infinity And Beyond
Stargazing Night Two
Getting There
The Children's Blizzard
Dead iMac G5
Make Minnetonka Bicycle Friendly
Gettin' Jiggy With Power
Customer Service
NetGear GS716T
Baby Class
[Moron] Dad Tip
Lost in Babies-R-Us
I Don't Play a Plumber on TV
Flying Rant
Turn Off Annoying TVs!
Baby Update
Weekend in Iowa City Launched!
Fractions and Life
Lance on Oprah
Million Dollar Baby
Marketing Security Updates
Make hMailServer go Faster!
Yesterday hMail, today SquirrelMail
Switch to hMail
Nice Bike Ride in February
Felt a Kick! Server Rebuilt
Reading for Dad's to be
HD Antennae Comparison
Baby Update
Now in High-Definition!
MacMice Not So Great
Birthday Boy!
Fargo Redux
Baby Check-In - Week 18
Amazon Raising Funds for Red Cross
Panasonic PV-GS400
Fargo Vacation
Dell Coupons & eBay
Merry Christmas
In Code
Google Owns Everything in 2014
Mac Mouse Done Right
Trouble in Gig E Land
Special Numbers
Prime Number Hunt
Oceans Twelve
The Da Vinci Code
Let it snow...
What's the Matter With Kansas?
Finding Neverland
iMac G5
Thingelstads Announce Pregnancy
Change Game
Xbox Mod Night
MarketWatch Acquired by Dow Jones
Jay Farrar at Cedar Cultural Center
Check In
Day 1
The Incredibles
Ira Glass at the Pabst Theater
A Short History of Nearly Everything
First Avenue R.I.P.
Wassail Tea
Friday Night Lights
The Man with 22 Clocks Hates DST
Circus Juventas Boo Ball
Got The Xbox
Electronic Voting Software
I [Heart] Huckabees
Grand Superior Getaway
Uncivil War
Team America
Defending the Caveman
Way to go France!
TC 10 Mile Run
New Vacuum
Napolean Dynamite
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Hot Air Balloon Scams
Chet Ringwall in the Paper
The Forgotten
What is wrong with MSN Search?
Thunderbird 0.8
Son Volt Back Together
Too Fat for the Fat 40
Meditation Class
iPod Mini
The Metabolic Plan
Norah Jones Concert
Jesse James Century Ride
Public Radio does RSS
Labor Day!
Site Tuning
Satellite Radio
Renaissance Festival
Manchurian [Haliburton] Candidate
Is fear of flying contagious?
Garden State
Vacation Recap
Heart Rate Data from the Peloton
Bourne Supremacy
0600 Zurich - 1800 Uptown Art Fair
Death by Meeting
Casaccia to Soglio
Piz Lunghin Summit
Pontresina to Sils Maria
Zuoz to Pontresina
Zuoz to Chamanna Des-Cha Hut and back
Scuol to Guarda
Zurich and on to the mountains...
Tammy Speaks
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Heft On Wheels
Last Call from Paris!
The Stepford Wives
Paris Update
Spiderman Deux
Fin de Course or Intermission, Act II
Tour de France 2004 Stage 20 - Montereau to Paris (Champs Elysees)
Tour de France 2004 Stage 19 - Besancon to Besancon
I Need a Vacation From My Vacation
Tour de France 2004 Stage 18 - Annemasse to Lons-le-Saunier
Tour de France 2004 Stage 17 - Bourg d'Oisans to Le Grand-Bornand
A Glass of Ice Water
Tour de France 2004 Stage 16 - Bourg d'Oisans to L'Alpe d'Huez
Tour de France 2004 Stage 15 - Valreas to Villard-de-Lans
In Grenoble!
Ready to go...
I Can't Believe It!
Chequamegon Fat 40 -- I'm in!
Getting Ready for France
Mother's Kitchen Demolition
Learn to Row Pictures
ALARC Legends 5k
All 8, Row!
Learn to Row
Watermelon Ride
The (Not So Good) Taste of Minnesota
Stillwater Fireworks
Canon PowerShot S500
The Tour is On!
Internet Oddities
Race Across America
More Bandwidth, Same Price
Rain and the Average Cyclist (Tour of Saints)
Music Nirvana Achieved!
Minnetonka 8k
What is that yellow thing on your wrist?
Bicycle Hit and Run
Space History
Power Blip
Privacy or the Lack Thereof
MarketWatch Golf Outing
Fresh Strawberries
Good Article on Digital Photography
There is nothing redeeming about mosquitos
Stillwater Classic
Easy Does It
Grilled Tandoori Chicken
Bike Racing in Downtown
Super Size Me!
Tailwinds Are Nice
Rain Gutters Installed
North Col of Everest or Bust
Lance Commercial
Edina Art Fair
House Painted
Apple Duathlon!
House Painting nearly complete
Go California
Expose of the Hot Air Balloon Industry
Project Terabyte!
Got Gig?
Apostle Islands Kayak Trip
Bob Evans Pancakes!
Magic Kingdom
Blue Dog Mural
Hellweek, Day 7 - Rollercoaster Ride
Hellweek, Day 6 - The Leakey Death Ride
Hellweek, Day 5 - Born to Boerne
Hellweek, Day 4 - Fred's Ride
Hellweek, Day 3 - Southern Comfort
Hellweek, Day 2 - The Harper Image
Hellweek, Day 1 - LBJ Ramble
Hellweek Gear Test 2
Hellweek Gear Test 1
Caribbean Vacation Day 2
Caribbean Vacation Day 1