• Updating Vista to SP1. Wish me luck. I feel I’m going to need it.
  • Vista SP1 Dialog: “The installation might take an hour or more. Your computer will restart several times during installation.”
  • Vista SP1 is now back to Stage 1/3. Goofy. 9% complete. “Do not turn off your computer.” (or you will die.)
  • Vista SP1 Stage 1/3 now at 65%.
  • Vista SP1 Stage 1 done. Now Stage 2/3 at 3%.
  • Vista SP1 update made it through stage 2/3. Had a 30 second moment where everything was just black and freaked me out. But chugging along.
  • Vista SP1 Stage 2 done. Onto Stage 3. 0% complete. Seems smooth so far, except a few extended black screens.
  • Vista SP1 Stage 3 flew by, done. Login prompt!
  • Now happily on Vista SP1. Seem to have passed through the dark side of the moon and am now safe again.

One of the tweets highlighted in my MarketWatch Farewell Video!