Book: When Breath Becomes Air
Well written book with unique perspective.
Goodbye Chase
Saying goodbye to our dog after more than 11 great years.
Goodbye to my friend, David Hussman
DevOps Minneapolis: Changing the Enterprise Session
Video of this weeks DevOps Minneapolis on Changing the Enterprise.
Humble Leadership Profile
My thoughts on the topic of Humble Leadership, particularly as it relates to leading technology teams.
Minnebar 13
Recap of my day at Minnebar 13.
Why MailChimp for Weekly Thing
The key reasons that I moved my newsletter from TinyLetter to MailChimp.
Book: Why Buddhism Is True
Good read connecting Buddhist concepts and practices to benefits in modern life.
Your Version Number
Applying Semantic Versioning to every day of your life.
Weekly Thing Enhancements
Big improvements to Weekly Thing template and better content display.