Minnebar 13
Recap of my day at Minnebar 13.
Why MailChimp for Weekly Thing
The key reasons that I moved my newsletter from TinyLetter to MailChimp.
Book: Why Buddhism Is True
Good read connecting Buddhist concepts and practices to benefits in modern life.
Your Version Number
Applying Semantic Versioning to every day of your life.
Weekly Thing Enhancements
Big improvements to Weekly Thing template and better content display.
Identify Addictive Application Patterns
Learn to identify patterns in software that create addictive feedback loops.
A powerful CMS for static sites.
2017 in Meetings
Analaysis of my 2017 calendar.
2017 in Links
Analysis of the 913 links I saved to various websites in 2017.
What apps make you better?
What apps do you have on your phone that are making you a better person?