Ireland 2024 Log - Day 14

Weather: Very good, periods of warmth, periods of cold. Was sunny for good portions. Scattered rain shower.

Happy Birthday Mazie! πŸŽ‰

  • Depart Tubbrid Castle at 8:30 AM for Kilkenny, about 30 minute drive.
  • Arrive in Kilkenny early so Mazie can go on a birthday run. Tammy goes on a walk. Tyler and Jamie go to breakfast spot early.
  • Cafe La Coco for a delicious breakfast.
  • Brief shopping β€” Tyler gets soccer cleats at Intersport.
  • Medieval Mile Museum walk to learn so much about Kilkenny.
  • Visit Kilkenny Castle and take self-guided tour.
  • Some more wandering around exploring various shops.
  • Smithwick’s Experience to learn about Smithwick beer and have a glass of Smithwick Red Ale and Kilkenny Cream Ale.
  • Go to Cakeface Pastries to get treats for Mazie’s birthday!
  • Wander around Kilkenny visiting various stores.
  • Visited the Rothe House and spent most of our time exploring the magnificent walled garden.
  • More shopping and exploring for Tammy, Mazie, and Tyler β€”Β Jamie stops at The Field pub to get a Guinness and listen to live music.
  • Everyone meets at The Field and we walk down to the Nore Valley Path.
  • Walk Nore Valley Path to bridge and back.
  • Had nice dinner at Ristorante Rinuccini including dessert that came with a candle and rendition of Happy Birthday for Mazie.
  • Get car out of car park.
  • Drive back to Tubbrid Castle for the night, about 10:15 PM.

Great cappuccino at Cafe le Coco in Kilkenny.

Today’s Guinness isn’t a Guinness, but instead an O’Hara’s Irish Stout Nitro. We had dinner at Brewer’s Corner and they served this delicious pint. Very good!

Tubbrid Castle

Tonight we arrived at Tubbrid Castle. This is the most unique Airbnb experience we’ve ever had. This 600 year old castle has been magnificently restored. We are sitting in the second level kitchen, dining, and living areas. The first, third, and fourth levels are amazing bedrooms. The walls are six feet thick. The castle itself is slowly warming now with heat installed for the first time in its centuries of existence. Amazing! I took a number of photos on arrival.

Ireland 2024 Log - Day 13

Weather: Rain. Wind. Crappy. Better as we got further South.

  • Tammy and Mazie go for a run in Belfast.
  • Continental breakfast in Titanic Hotel.
  • Check-out of hotel.
  • Visit Titanic Museum.
  • Afternoon tea at Titanic Hotel.
  • Visit the S.S. Nomadic, a tender for the Titanic.
  • Departed Belfast for Kilkenny.
  • Crossed into Ireland between Killeen and Dromad.
  • Experienced rush hour traffic around Dublin.
  • Fastest driving of the day β€” nearly all divided highways and 120 km/h speed limit.
  • Dinner at Brewery Corner in Kilkenny.
  • Get Tyler crΓͺpe at Scrumdiddlys.
  • Walk around Kilkenny briefly, everything closed for the night.
  • Drive to Tubbrid Castle and check-in for our stay.
  • Explore all the various areas of the castle.

On Day 12 of our Ireland trip and here is our driving path so far. Started in Dublin. We’ve almost made it around the country.

“Influencer Free Zone”. Tunnel entrance in Belfast.

Ireland 2024 Log - Day 12

Weather: Cool and nice. Not much wind. Warmer in Belfast.

  • Up early to depart Airbnb at 7:00 AM.
  • Drive to Giants Causeway.
  • Cross into Northern Ireland at Lifford.
  • Arrive at Giants Causeway Hotel to park.
  • Hike Red Path to rocks.
  • Hang out on rocks for an hour.
  • Walk Blue Path back to car.
  • Drive to Belfast.
  • Arrive at Titanic Hotel.
  • Lunch in Drawing Room Two.
  • Jamie leaves lunch to join remote board meeting.
  • Tammy, Mazie, Tyler explore shipyard section of Belfast.
  • Tammy and kids check into hotel.
  • Tammy and kids go to Central Belfast to walk around and shop.
  • Jamie finishes meeting and walks to meet family.
  • Dinner at Little Wing Pizzeria.
  • Walk to Timescape and do the “Titanic: The Final Hour” escape room.
  • Walk back to hotel.
  • Have today’s Guinness in the hotel bar.

I love how the Titanic Hotel displays room numbers. There are spotlights in the ceiling, and then a plate with the number cut out placed on the wall and the actual room number is displayed in silhouette! 🀯

Tonight’s Guinness just a half-pint at the bar in the Titanic Hotel.

We solved the Titanic: The Final Hour escape room at Timescape in Belfast tonight. We finished with 8:32 remaining! Fun and challenging room.

Giants Causeway

On our way from Ballyshannon to Belfast we took a big detour so we could go see Giants Causeway. We had seen this kind of columnar geology before in Iceland, but it wasn’t as accessible and right along the sea like this. We didn’t have a lot of time to explore, but we made the most of what we had. It was a very cool place to visit.

Cranes & Concrete. Belfast.

Antique car outside of Titanic Museum in Belfast.

I’ve been taking two daily supplements on our Ireland trip:

Vitamin G and Vitamin I.

Ireland 2024 Log - Day 11

Weather: Reasonably pleasant. A little less windy. Cool temperatures.

  • Relaxed morning recharging. Tammy and Mazie go for run. Jamie tends to photos and blog. Tyler sleeps in.
  • Drive to Donegal.
  • Brunch at The Old Stone.
  • Shopping and exploring around The Donegal Diamond including Elvery Sports and Magee of Donegal.
  • Drove to Rossnowlagh Beach.
  • After two failed attempts to have Tyler and Mazie do a surf class, serendipity struck and we were able to get them learning to surf!
  • Pick up breakfast items for tomorrow at the Bakery Shack.
  • Drive to Cria Lodge so kids could get warm and dry.
  • Drive back to Donegal for dinner at La Bella Donna.
  • Drive back to Cria Lodge and walk a kilometer down the road (precisely the middle of nowhere) for a pint at Whoriskey’s Pub.
  • Walk back to Cria Lodge to get packed and ready for early morning departure tomorrow. Alarm set to 6:30 AM.

Irish cows.

Today’s Guinness enjoyed at Whoriskey’s Pub outside of Ballyshannon.

Tyler and Mazie had a blast at their first surfing experience! Thank you Rossnowlagh Surf School! πŸŒŠπŸ„β€β™€οΈπŸ„β€β™‚οΈ

Having a cappuccino on the beach from Sunny Jim’s while the kids learn to surf. 55 Β°F with 15 mph winds.