Resurrecting two Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ units that I had from when I was running Pi-hole. Putting new images on them and will be a fun host for Tyler to learn some Linux skills on. Not sure what I’m going to do with mine yet.

Absolutely perfect evening for a cruise down the St. Croix River on the Lady Chateau.

Stillwater Lift Bridge at night.

There is a gondolier on Lake Saint Croix in Stillwater!

Cuyuna Weekend 2024

We wrapped up a very fun weekend in Crosby exploring the Cuyuna area. Here is what the weekend covered.



  • Jamie gets coffee at Mixed Company.
  • Jamie working remote for the morning.
  • Tammy goes on a run.
  • Mazie goes on a run.
  • Tammy and kids get donuts at Mac Daddy’s Donut Garage. Bring back for Jamie.
  • Kids and Tammy go to beach at Serpent Lake to swim and read.
  • Lunch at Drunken Noodle.
  • Get rental bikes at Red Raven.
  • Mountain bike the Gallooping Goose “easy” trail.
  • Return bikes.
  • Post-ride smoothies at Red Raven.
  • Dinner at Hudson Smokehouse.
  • Walked to High Wheel Confectionary and indulged in shopping and sugar.
  • Walked around Crosby while Mazie was incapacitated due to sugar overload.
  • Mazie and Tyler walk to playground to check it out.



Stopped to say Hi to the giant Walleye in Garrison, MN and see the expanse of Mille Lacs Lake.

Blog Pensieve

I’ve been curating my blog for a couple of years now using a method I call Blog Gardening. I continue to garden my blog each day. It is a great way to tend to the archive of posts I’ve created over more than twenty years and gives me a moment of nostalgia in my day that often brings a smile to my day. It is pretty common that I share a memory from gardening with my family.

I’ve been pondering a blog activity that is less common for me but is another way to curate my blog. There are times when life is busy, or I lack connectivity to the web, or who knows why but something that I would have blogged about goes without a blog post. A common situation for me involves video which requires more bandwidth than I have when we are traveling. What to do when I find these notable historical gaps in my blog?

I can of course create a blog post with whatever date I want and have an opportunity to fill a gap when able. itself supports scheduling a post in the future which you can “misuse” and schedule a post in the past — it works great1. You can use an app like MarsEdit to create a post with any timestamp you wish.

What to call creating posts from the past? It made me think of Harry Potter and the Pensieve.

A Pensieve was a very rare and powerful magical item. They were a magical device used to store and review memories.

Blog Pensieve it is! Love it.

For me Pensieve posts are anchored in my Photo Library. My photos have a clear history of visual events and critically also have location and timestamp information. Together these photos give the important metadata needed to “populate the pensieve”. The most important part to get right for a pensieve post is the timestamp! And when you are traveling in different timezones this may take some careful consideration.

And a great bonus about this is that these Pensieve posts will now populate in your Blog Gardening!

Here are some Blog Pensieve posts that I’ve created. I’ve also decided as a technical matter to have these in a Pensieve category.

I also use the schedule feature to create posts from a day or two ago. I don’t consider these Pensieve posts. They are really just me catching up on some things. I probably created a task in OmniFocus to post it. Pensieve posts are for going back in time, dipping into those gaps, and adding to my blog for the future.

I like the term Pensieve too because just like in Harry Potter, too much of it could be dangerous:

Pensieves were rare because only the most advanced wizards ever use them, and because the majority of wizardkind is afraid of doing so.

With great power, comes great responsibility.

  1. Unfortunately on iOS doesn’t support scheduling posts, which is usually fine but there are times when I have wished I could do this from my phone. Also on the web does support scheduling posts but I find the workflow confusing compared to the macOS client. ↩︎

We had pizza at Raffertys for dinner and made a return trip to High Wheel Confectionery for dessert!

We had a great afternoon paddling on Pennington Mine today!

Strands, the new daily word game on the New York Times, is pretty fun.

Strands #132
“Hello kitty”

Hazy Hopricot IPA at Cuyuna Brewing in Crosby. Very juicy, very good. 🍺

Serpent sculpture by Serpent Lake in Crosby.

High Wheel Confectionary

We were all super impressed and had a fun time visiting High Wheel Confectionary in Ironton. The ice cream was delicious with very generous scoops. The soda cellar was wild with some very crazy flavors. I got a bottle of Moxie which I discovered for the first time when we were visiting Maine many years ago. I also got a Goo Goo Cluster which we made when we were in Nashville! There is even a toy store selection upstairs with a lounge.

It was clear that the person that created this store had put a lot of thought and passion into it. Great stop if you are in the area!

Had some good brisket at Hudson Smokehouse for dinner tonight. Mac-n-Cheese was also very good.

Mountain biking on the Galloping Goose trail today.

Bike from Red Raven on Galloping Goose trail with Huntington Mine Lake in the background.

Family selfie on a stop while mountain biking the Galloping Goose trail in Cuyuna!

Family selfie at the Adam Turman mural outside of Victual in Crosby. We are visiting the Cuyuna Lakes area this weekend!

Summer Challenge: Create a Playdate Experience

This post is part of the Summer Challenge Collection, a collection of tasks or projects for our kids to do over the summer.

This is a very open ended challenge to use the Playdate Pulp web-based game editor to create some kind of experience for the Playdate. This could be a game, something educational, or just silly. There is no complexity requirement but it should have some goal that it is designed for.