High Wheel Confectionary

We were all super impressed and had a fun time visiting High Wheel Confectionary in Ironton. The ice cream was delicious with very generous scoops. The soda cellar was wild with some very crazy flavors. I got a bottle of Moxie which I discovered for the first time when we were visiting Maine many years ago. I also got a Goo Goo Cluster which we made when we were in Nashville! There is even a toy store selection upstairs with a lounge.

It was clear that the person that created this store had put a lot of thought and passion into it. Great stop if you are in the area!

Had some good brisket at Hudson Smokehouse for dinner tonight. Mac-n-Cheese was also very good.

Mountain biking on the Galloping Goose trail today.

Bike from Red Raven on Galloping Goose trail with Huntington Mine Lake in the background.

Family selfie on a stop while mountain biking the Galloping Goose trail in Cayuna!

Family selfie at the Adam Turman mural outside of Victual in Crosby. We are visiting the Cayuna Lakes area this weekend!

Summer Challenge: Create a Playdate Experience

This post is part of the Summer Challenge Collection, a collection of tasks or projects for our kids to do over the summer.

This is a very open ended challenge to use the Playdate Pulp web-based game editor to create some kind of experience for the Playdate. This could be a game, something educational, or just silly. There is no complexity requirement but it should have some goal that it is designed for.

Downtown Minneapolis in golden light from the rooftop of the Hewing.

We saw The New Standards play tonight outside on the rooftop of the Hewing tonight. They did a good performance as always but while the venue had promise the execution was difficult. There seemed to be more people there than the space could really handle or the bar could serve.

I made it out to the pontoon to get the cover back up, replace a cover pole, and get the ponding water off the cover. Mission successful. There is still a bit over a foot of water above the dock. The boat still is floating and not on the Sea Legs yet.

I picked up four of these Weatherproof Electrical Connection Boxes to keep connectors safe outside at the lake, power and USB. Seems like a great solution.

Mazie took this fun handheld time-lapse of me making a round of smash burgers tonight. 🍔

When you want to watch France 🇫🇷 and Portugal 🇵🇹 in the Euros 2024 quarterfinals but you also want to be in the pool! ⚽️💦

The Channel Inn had an amazing fireworks show tonight! We drove over and watched through the glass roof in the Model Y. Then we drove to a home that had an amazing show as well. 🎆🇺🇸🤩

Just realized that the Ubiquiti U6 Long-Range access points I’m using at the cabin need PoE+ (30W) and I’ve been using PoE-af (15W) injectors. May explain some of the odd performance I’ve been seeing. Two U-PoE-at adapters ordered!

Knee high by the 4th of July? ✅

Transferred the pork butts to the Big Green Egg after 21 hours on the Sous Vides. Time for smoke and developing bark.

Happy Birthday America! 🇺🇸 Hope everyone has a great 4th of July! 🎆

“Remember to leave beer and guns out or Kid Rock won’t bring you fireworks tonight.” — Dylan


Break in the rain and everyone jumping in the pool! 💦