Clever β€” Fiat House of Cards. πŸƒ

The final session for Bitcoin 2023 on Nakamoto Stage “The Biggest Bulls” with Matt Odell, Adam Back (Blockstream), and Jack Mallers (Strike). πŸ‚

Zoltan Pozsar (Credit Suisse) & Arthur Hayes (100x Group) on Nakamoto Stage at Bitcoin 2023 on β€œNew Monetary Order”.

Good macro session at Bitcoin 2023 with Mark Moss, Lyn Alden, and Preston Posh.

Good session on β€œBitcoin Core Maintainers & the Path Forward” at Bitcoin 2023. I appreciated three things:

  1. Loved that this was an all women panel!
  2. Great call out to help fund Bitcoin Core development via Brink. Donate!
  3. Call to action for Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund. Donate!

Really great! πŸ™Œ

Interesting technical solutions to identity and privacy in the Web 5: Open to Build session at Bitcoin 2023.

The Bitcoin Mining Museum was a fun time. The USB miners were a crazy flashback. And the very first mining rig, the Avalon1. 🀩

Apparently I’m at the age where I have to hang my sunglasses and my readers from my shirt. πŸ˜ŽπŸ€“

The Art Gallery at Bitcoin 2023 is a cool experience with a lot of interesting art.

Worlds Smallest Bitcoin Hobby ATM

This Bitcoin ATM is one of my favorite things I’ve seen at Bitcoin 2023. You put coins in the device, I put 3 pennies. You tap the screen and it gives you a Lightning code to scan and I got 99 sats in my wallet. 🀩

Update (May 23):

I did some digging and found that “Tortcher” is the one who made this awesome device. I found him online and was excited to see that he is selling the World’s Smallest Bitcoin Hobby ATM. I’ve ordered the Multi-ATM and can’t wait to show people how fun, easy, and fast Bitcoin and Lightning can be with it! 🀩⚑️ Oh yeah, and Tortcher lives in the Twin Cities areaΒ β€” small world! The code is on GitHub as well.

Hot tub heated by a Bitcoin miner.

Google Cloud & Voltage party at Backyard.

Jack Mallers of Strike closed out Friday at Bitcoin 2023 with massive announcement of global expansion and Lightning improvements. ⚑️

Excited to see Arthur Hayes and Michael Lewis on stage at Bitcoin 2023.

Lyn Alden taking Nakamoto Stage at Bitcoin 2023 sharing deep financial insights.

Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy on Nakamoto Stage at Bitcoin 2023.

β€œThe universal frequent flyer mile is the Satoshi.” Interesting concept of using Sats to enable very different systems.

Got a signed book from Bobby Lee of Ballet Crypto.

Connected with Vlad Stan of LNBits after the Nostr session and got one of the DIY signing kits he was sharing. Love a group huddled around a laptop with devices geeking out.

Got to meet Will Casarin, developer of Damus, after the Nostr session.

Morning session on Nakamato Stage at Bitcoin 2023.