Working through my first pool “issue”. The Saltwater Chlorine Generator was set too low (6%) while we were gone and the chlorine level dropped to near nil. Water was cloudy, but no color. I got HTH® Super Shock! Treatment and added 6.9 lbs to the pool. The water turned green right after adding the granules. Now waiting and hoping it all works out okay. 🤞💧

Added another 2.3 lbs of Super Shock! Treatment later in the evening. Can smell chlorine now, before there was no pool chlorine smell. Did a water test and the Total Chlorine was around 10 ppm, but Free Chlorine is still near 0.

Next morning the water is much less green, but still very green. The cloudy seems to be gone. Water test shows total chlorine around 5 ppm but free chlorine at 0. I thought I didn’t add enough chlorine so added 4.16 lbs HTH Shock Treatment. We had to take off so I left the Chlorine Generator in Boost Mode, it will go back to 20% after the boost. I also added about 2/3 gallon of muriatic acid since the pH level was very high.