I don’t know if we would have ever found Bread and Puppet Theater without a recommendation from our friend Ellen but it was well worth the additional drive to Glover, VT. Bread and Puppet has been putting on political theater since 1974 in this location. The performances feature funny and serious skits, people on stilts and giant flags, and of course puppets of all sizes and shapes.

The “stage” and the band warming everyone up for the show.

A flag performance.

The turkey skit was the funniest of the show.

Giant puppet that was part of the Domestic Resurrection Circus after the main event.

Mazie and I got some bread with a heavy garlic butter shmear.

Why do they serve bread with the theater?

“We give you a piece of bread with the puppet show because our bread and theater belong together. For a long time the theater arts have been separated from the stomach. Theater was entertainment. Entertainment was meant for the skin. Bread was meant for the stomach. The old rites of baking, eating and offering bread were forgotten. The bread became mush. We would like you to take your shoes off when you come to our puppet show or we would like to bless you with the fiddle bow. The bread shall remind you of the sacrament of eating.” — Peter Schumann

I also enjoyed the spirit of the Cheap Art Manifesto.