Top 10 Apple Wishes - iTunes Edition

It’s the holiday season and along with that comes the time for everyone to make wishes for gifts. Along those lines, I put together my Top 10 Apple Wishes. With Leopard out now and there all kinds of new things to play with. But I want more. As I wrote this it seems that it’s really a list of wishes related to the iTunes, iPod, iPhone and Apple TV world. Perhaps I’ll write again with my Apple wishes in other products.

Front Row for iPhone

This may seem like an odd one, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted this. My iPhone only has 8GB of memory, and my media library is huge. I regularly use my iPhone at home and would love to just launch Front Row on it and connect to my massive library on my Mac Pro. This should be totally simple. Obviously only for WiFi. If it could somehow work outside of your house that would be killer, but I’d be happy with just local access for now.

iTunes In My Car

I already wrote about this, and I think it would be a killer product. C’mon Apple, you could get into a new market with car modders!

Play Internet Radio on Apple TV

Another area where the gap seems so obvious. iTunes has a list of radio stations and I enjoy listening to MPR online in iTunes. Why I can’t do this on an Apple TV makes no sense.

Apple TV without the TV

Apple doesn’t have a product that can compete with network music players like the Roku or Squeezebox. The Apple TV is really nice, but it has no display and thus is a deal breaker for a music only device. It would be great to have an Apple TV that had it’s own display that could be used where a TV is not welcome. Maybe even just use the USB port on the existing Apple TV units to attach a display?

eBooks via iTunes

Looking at a PDF file on an iPhone is really amazing. It just works, exactly like you would hope. I would really love to see Apple add a Book channel to iTunes and deliver eBooks (probably not as a PDF) to a Reader application for the iPod Touch or iPhone. Amazon Kindle beware. If this were available it would be hands down better.

Flickr for iPhone and Apple TV

YouTube gets all the love with a special pre-installed application on the iPhone and AppleTV. But no Flickr? C’mon! People take plain old pictures too!

Multiple Video Formats

I have to think too hard when subscribing to a podcast and wanting to watch it on Apple TV or iPhone or iPod. iTunes needs to just handle the bitrate and playback issues seamlessly. Download three copies of the same thing and then dish out the one needed. iTunes already has the “Convert for iPod” functions but then your left with a video that looks bad on your TV.

Add Star Ratings via Apple TV (and volume)

It seems criminal to me that I cannot rate a song while listening to it on Apple TV. I can do it on an iPod, so you know that iTunes has all the brains to do this. This just needs to happen. And while they are at it, how about adjusting the volume. I realize the whole HDMI thing with the TV may cause some challenges, but this really needs to happen.

iTunes Social Edition

I wrote in some detail about adding P2P functions to iTunes as well as a friend network. I want iTunes to do more heavy lifting for me sharing music with my wife on her account and exchanging home movies with friends and family. Embed the BitTorrent DNA product into iTunes and let it roll!

iPhone SDK

This isn’t really a wish now that Apple has confirmed that we are getting an SDK, likely at MacWorld in February. The wish is really that Apple not get in the way of innovation on this device and hopefully other upcoming touch devices. The touch interface of the iPhone is one of the most groundbreaking, and most intuitive, things I’ve seen come out of a company in a long time and I’m mad that Apple has kept it jailed up. Get out of the way, open it up, and let people make great products!

That’s mine. What’s your wish?

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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