This week was the 16th week of the remodel. In the very first project plan we would be done now. Remodeling, like any other complex project has changes. We have about two more weeks in front of us and then I’m sure there will be small things after that.

This week the built-in cabinetry for the mudroom was installed. The earlier empty space is now as it will be going forward. The painters have been busy painting trim with some serious paint that seems stronger than typical latex paint, and smells it as well. Outside the carpenter got the deck built on top of the mudroom and the railing is ready to be put in this week. I got to go up there this weekend (through the window) and put a set of outdoor speakers up. I really like the space and if I weren’t done with project stuff for now I’d want to have the door put in up there.

Outside we also got our landscaping done this week. The rutted tracks from the excavation equipment are gone, and so is our entire lawn. I decided to have the entire yard re-graded and seeded with shade specific grass. All of our hardscaping is back now as well, so things are feeling really close and it’s nice to get fall in our backyard again.

This week the family room built-in is coming and the walls are getting painted. Electrical work will get back underway and the network will come back to life with a new telco rack and everything getting punched back down. We’ll actually move some stuff back into the utility room next weekend.