Minnebar 7

Dug out my MinneBar 4 shirt t.co/eVNJgT9i for Minnebar 7.

Final edits to the Minnebar 7 post event survey done.

This years Minnebar shirt rocks!


@lof: @AdriennePeirce models her custom-made minnebar earrings.

Happy to have my Mophie Juice Pack Air for Minnebar day. No dead battery for me.

git pulling my presentation

Color Theory session by John Mindiola III at Minnebar was awesome.

Crowd lined up for Maker Bot session at Minnebar. t.co/KDhfmyY0

MinneBar keeping BarCampy. t.co/b2Lx30Ov

Good Varnish session at Minnebar from @mwillbanks.

Presenting Running VPS with Confidence in 15 minutes Minnebar. t.co/javeJyTK

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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