Had a great ride this morning on Matt Wilpers 75-minute Power Zone Endurance Ride. My first 75 minute ride so a PR by default. 815 kJ. Definitely started to gas out after 60 minutes. 🚴🏻 #FitByFifty

    Noticed in Streaks today that I have meditated 700 days in a row. Meditation has become a bedrock habit. It has also become a key component of my #FitByFifty missions.

    I got my Peloton “Cooldown 2020” video this weekend. I think its fun that they make these and kudos to them for making them easy to download and keep. #FitByFifty

    New 60-min Peloton PR

    I hit a new 60-min PR in Matt Wilpers Power Zone Endurance Ride this morning. 676 kJ versus my previous 653 kJ from Sep 26, 2020.

    It was another Zone 2 / 3 ride but I leveled it up since I felt like my zone data is a little old. I need to do a new FTP test! I spent a lot of time in the higher end of Zone 4. You can see that the last 3 efforts my power faded a bit. I was definitely feeling it in my legs.

    My heart rate was at Threshold for 67% of the ride and bursted into Max Capacity during the efforts toward the end. You can see I was a bit gassed as my heart rate was climbing and power was dropping in those final efforts.

    It was a great ride and I was joined by a number of friends riding live as well. I’m a big fan of Peloton Live Rides, it encourages you to push and make the most of it. #FitByFifty

    Set a back-to-back 30-min PR today during Sundays with Love! 415 kJ, +7 over yesterdays 408 kJ. This PR was credit to riding with a bunch of friends — thanks to northstar007 (649 kJ! 🤯), Matthew01, MNjhawk, hectorguatemala, recheni77, 612Sarah for riding! 🙌 Tête de la Course! #FitByFifty

    Hit a new 30-min PR in Jess King’s Sweat Steady ride today! 408 kJ, +3 over previous PR. 🙌🚴‍♂️ #FitByFifty

    Dancing on the Pedals

    Today I did my fourth day in a row on my Peloton bike. I can tell that the workouts I’ve been putting in over the last months are having a big impact. A few months ago I would have been spent after consecutive days like this, but today I felt invigorated. You get this feeling like you are Dancing on the Pedals when you climb out of the saddle. It is fun and I haven’t felt that in a very long time. Recovering and going again, repeat. Feel good power in my legs. Gaining some confidence around riding a Century next summer for the first time in a decade plus! Good stuff. #FitByFifty

    This mornings 45 min Turkey Burn Ride with Robin Arzon had 50,000 live riders! That is an entire good size city, spinning together. What a cool experience. #FitByFifty

    I set a new PR tonight in Kendall Toole’s 45-min Metallica Ride! 571 kJ, +18 over previous. I pushed very hard on this one. 87% of time at threshold or higher. Great music! 🤟 #FitByFifty

    Got a new PR this morning in Kendall Toole’s 30-min Metal Ride. 🤘 405 kJ, +3 kJ over prior. Redlined the entire last half of the ride. #FitByFifty

    I did a 10-min full body stretching program on Peloton tonight. My flexibility is very lacking. Ouch. #FitByFifty

    Hit a new 30-min PR and passed 400 kJ of output in Irène Sholz EDM Ride. 402 kJ, +8 over previous PR. 48% of ride at or above VO2 Max range. Was completely gassed by the end. #FitByFifty

    Hit a new 45-minute PR on Peloton this morning in Jenn Sherman’s class. 553 kJ. Not sure about Yacht Rock for spinning though. 😬 Helped to a PR with byteCoder, YukonJack, coppel87, and AreBurns. 🙌 #FitByFifty

    Just barely put up another PR this morning in Kendall Toole’s Metal Ride. 394 kJ (+1 over previous). Strong finish with Master of Puppets at the end. 🤘 #FitByFifty

    New 45-minute PR on Peloton tonight! 506 kJ v 486 kJ. Plus hit 2,000 minutes in 2020! #FitByFifty

    New 30-minute PR this morning! 378 kJ (+2 from previous). 39% of the time anaerobic! 🚴🏼‍♂️ #FitByFifty

    Hit a new 30-min PR spinning this morning. 376 kJ, +10 kJ over previous PR. 🙌 #FitByFifty

    I hit my Century Ride on Peloton today! Did my 100th ride with Ally Love’s 30-min 90s Ride. #FitByFifty

    I wanted to keep my #FitByFifty objective very front and center for me throughout the day. I created a simple graphic and ordered some custom stickers from Sticker Mule. Love it! 💪

    I hit a new 30-min PR doing Jess King’s House Ride tonight. I pushed hard, the music was great. #FitByFifty

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