I hit a new 60-min PR in Matt Wilpers Power Zone Endurance Ride this morning. 676 kJ versus my previous 653 kJ from Sep 26, 2020.

It was another Zone 2 / 3 ride but I leveled it up since I felt like my zone data is a little old. I need to do a new FTP test! I spent a lot of time in the higher end of Zone 4. You can see that the last 3 efforts my power faded a bit. I was definitely feeling it in my legs.

My heart rate was at Threshold for 67% of the ride and bursted into Max Capacity during the efforts toward the end. You can see I was a bit gassed as my heart rate was climbing and power was dropping in those final efforts.

It was a great ride and I was joined by a number of friends riding live as well. I’m a big fan of Peloton Live Rides, it encourages you to push and make the most of it. #FitByFifty