Hellweek, Day 5 - Born to Boerne

Todays ride was a mentally exhausting ride. 102 miles that took nearly 7 hours to complete. We started the morning in a light drizzle, 3 hours and 50 miles in it was raining pretty hard and the temperature was in the 50’s, read as, miserable. By the time we got to 70 miles the sun was showing itself a little. Even though the ride “only” had a little over 5,000 feet of vertical climbing, it felt like we were going uphill all day!

Here is the group riding today. From left to right: Don, Bill, Don and me!

Here is the ride map.

Like I said, this ride felt like we were climbing all day, but the numbers aren’t as bad. There was one really steep climb at 80 miles.

Speed was terrible on this ride, this was the longest century thus far and average speed was below 15 mph. Tough, tough day.

And here is a chart I was just playing with, it shows acceleration profile. 8-) Not terribly useful, I don’t think.

Average HR was low today.

Tomorrow is the Death Ride! Wish me luck!

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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