Randy's Sanitation does Organics

We got an announcement in the mail a while ago from Randy’s Sanitation. We have been Waste Management customers since we moved to our current house, and know Randy’s Sanitation as a locally owned company that probably services 10% (my guess from the Tuesday trash can displays) of our extended neighborhood.


Randy’s has launched an Organics Recycling program [PDF] for Minnetonka. We have wanted to compost for a long time now, but our yard doesn’t have any good options for a compost location outside of the front-yard, and I just couldn’t see that working.Randy’s now provides this as an add-on service for customers. You get a second container and put your organics in there. Regular trash stays in the other container. These organics are then composted and broken down in a facility that Randy’s operates, and then used throughout the city. Also, since they do this on a larger scale you can compost some things that you wouldn’t be able to at home, like pizza boxes.

We’ve now switched to Randy’s and will be participating in the organics program starting August 1st. If you live in Minnetonka, you should check it out. Sadly, it’s not available in other cities yet. Congratulations to Randy’s for doing something innovative to help reduce waste.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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