So the headline from the Great Adventure tonight is that Mazie absolutely hates, and I need to emphasize this, hates, sleeping here. Tammy is in with her right now and Mazie just screams at the top of her lungs whenever she is placed in the crib. We’ve never seen her like this before. She is a very good sleeper and you can usually just put her down and she goes to sleep. Not here.

Last night it took Tammy 90 minutes of absolutely top-notch Mom work to get her to sleep, and it’s not looking any better tonight. She wouldn’t sleep in there for her nap. In fact, she only got a nap because they went to the store and she fell asleep on the way there and proceeded to sleep for 2 hours in her car seat.

I’m sure she’s pretty exhausted from the two long days of driving, and I’m hoping that she will get back on track soon. The time change, however slight for us, also throws her for a loop I’m sure. But boy oh boy do I hope this doesn’t last much longer.

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