Today is a driving day! I’m catching up on the Big Adventure from our hotel room in Roanoke, Virginia. We drove a little over 6 hours but I feel like we put in a lot more hours than that. The first 3 hours were in very busy traffic along the eastern corridor. Six lanes going each way with ridiculous traffic wears on you quickly. Add to that that Mazie had a pretty horrible day in the car, spending at least 3 hours of it crying. Oh, and one more thing, Tammy has an ear infection that is causing her a lot of pain. She went to the urgent care on Friday and got a prescription for some anti-biotics. She’s feeling a little better, but not much.

While we were driving I saw a road sign for Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. I knew about this road from A Walk in the Woods. Bryson’s book highlights this as a bit of a travesty. The national park is amazing, and the Appalachian Trail goes right through the park. The 105 miles of Skyline Drive were more than we could explore with our time, but we could do a part of it. Now, you could argue that with a screaming baby and a wife with an ear infection, taking an unplanned detour through a drive at elevation was not a smart idea. You could argue that, and you would be right, but I still took the detour.

Bryson makes the point in his book, and this is the travesty, that something like 95% of the visitors to this amazing national park never even leave their cars. They simply drive through it on Skyline Drive. I’m happy to say that we at least stopped at one lookout point. But, with the conditions being what they were, we quickly boogied down the road and resumed our path on the Interstate as soon as we could.

We made it to Roanoke, Virginia and had dinner at Macado’s (truly, everyone does have a website now). We are going to get an early start tomorrow to finish the drive into Asheville and hopefully see the Biltmore Estate.

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