Today we extended the Great Adventure both North and South. The day started very early when Mazie woke up at 5:15am and decided that she was going to be awake. We didn’t get to sleep until very late so it was a tired morning. We took a drive this morning and went to the Bronx Zoo. Mazie, Tammy and I along with Grandma Kaye and Aunt Angie had a great time. The Bronx Zoo was really impressive. We had seen a special on their new Congo Gorilla Forest exhibit and it was pretty great.

We then headed back down to the apartment and left Mazie with the relatives and headed to Philadelphia for dinner. I’d never been to Philly and I was really impressed. It seemed like a really nice city. We visited the store we have some furniture in our house from, American Pie. We had an awesome dinner at El Vez. If your in Philly – go to El Vez. Great food, great atmosphere; just a lot of fun all around!

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