Day 16 of the Great East Coast Adventure was a lot of fun. Mazie got us all up at the normal time and we decided to go into Princeton to have breakfast at PJ’s Pancake House. I’m stunned that they actually own What an awesome URL. I can almost guarantee that some “with it” student at Princeton gave it to them. We had a stunning breakfast that could not be beat and started the day out right. If you find yourself in PJ’s – I highly recommend the Buckwheat Pancakes.

After that we met my boss and his wife and we all headed to the New Jersey Grounds for Sculpture (Sculpture Garden). This place was really impressive and a lot of fun. Perfect outdoor activity for Mazie as well. It’s much bigger than I expected, and the sculpture is very well done. As a bonus, they have done an incredible job of getting the landscape that surrounds the sculpture just right. A+ and a great time with kids.

Tammy, Mazie and I headed to dinner at the Main Street Bistro after that and had some really good food. I’ve wanted to take Tammy to the places that I typically go to when I’m here on business. That way when I call home and say “I went here” she actually knows where I went. I’ve probably been to this restuarant more than any other in Princeton.

We had a relaxed evening and at 10:00pm I drove to Newark airport to pickup Grandma Kaye and Aunt Angie who are staying with us for the next couple of days.

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