Weather: Hot and sunny in the morning. Day cooled off a bit and was nicer in the mountains. Evening cool.

  • Jamie realizes that he has lost his wallet and that sort of sucks a bunch.
  • Breakfast.
  • Jamie asks front desk person to see if they can help with locating wallet. They have some ideas.
  • Dave, one of our guides, attempts to find Jamie’s lost wallet by going back to the train station at Ardez. Sadly no luck.
  • We take off for todays hike up to Piz Buin.
  • Everyone else hikes down on the service road, Jamie takes a mountain scooter and has a blast.
  • Jamie gets back early and decides wallet search is over. It is lost, time to move on.
  • Tammy and Mazie explore the town and Tammy has an amazing find! 🤩
  • Cold therapy for our tired feet.
  • Nice dinner at Meisser Hotel.
  • Cool evening back in the room, getting ready for an earlier morning tomorrow.

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