Weather: Warm and cloudy in the morning. Hotter and sunnier in the afternoon.

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Short walk to meeting point for David and Duomo VIP Walking Tour
  • Viewing of Michelangelo’s David
  • Tour of Duomo of Florence
  • Walk to special tour of rooftop terrace of Duomo
  • Walk up to tour dome of the Duomo which triggers fear of heights and makes all but Mazie turn down before proceeding to the top of the dome.
  • Mazie solo visits the top of the Duomo Dome.
  • Mazie’s trek to the top of the Dome is extended due to a dignitary from China visiting Duomo
  • We all collect together and get Gelato at Venchi and Tyler chooses a crêpe instead
  • Lunch at Central Market: Tyler gets smashburger, Jamie gets Tagliatelli with truffle sauce, Mazie and Tammy split caprese panini.
  • E-bike Florence & Taste of Tuscany with We Like Tuscany
  • Stop at Chalet Fontana for Olive Oil tasting.
  • Walk back to hotel to freshen up and quick change
  • Ristorante Natalino for Bistecca which is giant and very rare. Mazie gets the House Lasagna and likes it but it is very different than what we usually have for lasagna. Tyler has more pasta with butter.
  • After dinner Gelato at Rivareno, again Tyler gets a crêpe and this time with two scoops of gelato as well.
  • Slow walk back to hotel
  • Stop at Venchi for some after dinner chocolate for Mazie and Jamie

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