Weather: Cooler day. Very windy on the mountains today. Raced to chair lift before storm and lightning arrived.

  • Depart Guarda and take bus to train station
  • Take train to Funicular.
  • Guide Dave gets a lot of static from the conductor about having the wrong tickets.
  • German lady that moved to Switzerland sits across from Tammy and I and starts a lengthy conversation with Tammy.
  • Arrive at funicular and take it 1,000 feet up to start hike.
  • Huge climb up to Segantini Hütte.
  • Delicious lunch I’d Barley Soup.
  • Hike traverse from hut through rock field and take upper trail.
  • Mad rush down to chair lift before storm shows up and possibly shuts lift down.
  • Get on lift and have a slow, cold, stormy, raining, anxiety producing lift ride.
  • Rainy walk to hotel.
  • Attempt to get cash and fail.
  • Shop.
  • Dinner at restaurant.
  • Downtime in room.

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