Weather: Very cloudy with rain and thunder in morning. Clear through mid-day with additional heavy rain in late afternoon. Then cloudy and cool in the evening.

Split path for first half of today:


  • Hike out of Pontresina through town up the trail
  • Sought cover from heavy rain
  • Rolling walk with a final ascent to Hahnensee Hut
  • Picnic lunch on a rock at Lake Hahnensee
  • Descended down to Silvaplana


  • Bus from hotel to train station
  • Train back to Guarda
  • Bus to Guarda Village
  • Recover wallet! 🤩
  • Bus back to train station.
  • Train to Samedan to change lines
  • Train to St Moritz to transfer to bus
  • Bus to Sils Maria
  • Walk out to Nietzsche’s Rock
  • Started raining hard so walked to Silvaplana instead of walking back

All Together Again

  • All meet together in Silvaplana to catch the bus back to Sils Maria
  • Visit the Gallaria Chesina and look at some amazing art
  • Shopping at various stores and explore the town
  • Dinner at Hotel Edelweiss

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