Weather: Cool morning in Sils Maria. Big thunderstorm in mid-morning by Vicosoprano. Cloudy most of the day on trail. Nice on arrival into Soglio with heavy rain in later afternoon. Cool evening.

  • Breakfast at Hotel Edelweiss
  • Tammy gets trail lunch at Volg
  • Bus to Vicosoprano
  • Begin hike to Soglio
  • Hunkered down to avoid thunderstorm
  • Resumed hike with long ascent
  • Beautiful trail across several waterfalls
  • Slippery rocks: Tyler falls twice, Jamie slips many times and falls once
  • Amazing Roman Road on trail
  • Arrive in Soglio
  • Explore village
  • Shop at Soglio Products for various lotions
  • Cappuccino and snack at Palazzo Salis while waiting out another downpour
  • Return to hotel for rain gear
  • Tyler and Dad watch end of Tour de France stage. Tyler writes another blog post. Mazie and Mom shop in village.
  • All Go out for photo walk in Soglio.
  • Final group dinner.

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