Weather: Cool morning in Venice. Very nice. Much warmer in Florence in the evening. Nice in the shade.

  • Bad restaurant choice for crêpes at breakfast, but had nice seating in the shade
  • Much better choice for pastries at Pasticceria Giovanni
  • Return to Combo Hotel to get luggage
  • Attempt to recreate photo from our wedding.
  • Water taxi to Venice train station
  • Train 8929 to Florence
  • Walk from train station to Arté Boutique Hotel with our luggage
  • Get checked into hotel, first hotel where we are all in the same room on this trip
  • Walk to meeting point for our evening Pizza and Gelato class
  • Recreate photo from our wedding in celebration of our 21st Anniversary!
  • Take bus few minutes out of Florence into Tuscan hills
  • Great time at Pizza and Gelato Cooking Class: Tammy and Jamie make Stracciatella and Mazie and Tyler make Pistachio gelato. Everyone makes Margarita pizzas, except Jamie with sausage and spiced oil.
  • Take bus back to Florence
  • Walk back to hotel
  • 😴

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