Weather: Cool and cloudy in morning. Warm and sunny in afternoon. Overall nice day.

  • Underwhelming breakfast at Combo hotel.
  • Walk to Venice in a Day experience start.
  • Walking tour of many of Venice sights.
  • Gondola ride through canals.
  • Started raining, duck into Ristorante Chianti just outside of Saint Marco Plazq for a delicious lunch. Tammy orders a bottle of Moscato d’Asti to go with lunch
  • Meet back with our group to see the Church of Saint Marco.
  • Detailed tour of Doge Palace and introduction to the Venetian government system pre-Napoleon.
  • explore to find gelato. Took a bit and found “a really cute place” that Mazie found.
  • Walk back to Combo hotel.
  • Tammy and Jamie both fall asleep.
  • Wake up just in time to walk to Pastry Tour.
  • Fast walk to train station to meet Maria, Pastry Tour guide. Jamie’s injured left leg hurt a lot.
  • Explore 5 different places.
  • Get 3 meatballs at restaurant recommended by Maria.
  • Walk back to hotel.
  • 😴

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