A couple weeks back we got to try REM5VR’s newest arena experience, Oddball. it is a VR version of laser tag. The four of us played and got to pair up in different teams. You wear a wireless VR headset that allows you to walk around in the space. You see the other players in VR space relative to where you are. There were some glitches getting the VR headsets all talking and calibrated to start with, but we were quickly playing and having a lot of fun.

It is a little odd to be in a VR space with other people walking around, but we didn’t bump into each other. The VR world allows the arena we were playing in to feel much bigger than the actual space, and there were teleporters and power up spots that would appear in the space.

REM5 told us we were the first customers to go through it, and the person running it was kind enough to capture the video of us playing and send it to me. Here is our 3rd round where Tammy and I got beat pretty handily by the kids.