Curly Redwood Lodge


We checked into our 7th hotel tonight after driving on the Redwood Highway and pulling into Crescent City, CA. Tammy did all the research for places to stay and relied pretty heavily on Trip Advisor. For Crescent City, the Curly Redwood Lodge is the only one to get great reviews. We checked in tonight and it’s a real trip. The motel is very 1960’s. The entire motel was constructed out of the wood from a single Curly Redwood tree, hence the name. The wood is beautiful and the place is kept immaculate but very much “in period.” I love this place, it’s the exactly perfect place to stay for some mingling with the majestic giants of the forest.


Tomorrow we are going to get out amongst these huge trees. I can’t wait, and neither can Tammy.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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