0600 Zurich - 1800 Uptown Art Fair

I just finished putting the journal entries that I kept while we were on the hiking portion of our trip up here in the blog. I linked in a number of photos from the trip as well. Took a little bit more work than I thought it would to get it all on there, but wanted to get it done soon. Tammy and I are still suffering from jet lag so making it past 9:00 pm is a little hard.

We spent most of Saturday on buses and trains working our way from Soglio to Zurich. We took a round-about way to make a trip back to Zuoz, one of the towns we had visited on our hike, to get this cool goat sculpture that Tammy had really liked. We made our way fairly easily.

When we arrived in Zurich we were greeted with absolute chaos. Unknown to us Saturday was Zurich’s Street Parade. This is from what I can see on the Internet the largest techno gathering in all of Europe. The train station had a stage setup with pounding techno. The streets were filled with people in various forms of crazy dress. Large man in fishnets and white leather shorts? Group of interesting folks? More fishnets? It was a little bit much coming from the trail to this. More pictures of Street Parade are on their site…

We wandered around after dinner a little to take some of the Street Parade in, but then retreated to our hotel to get some rest and relaxation.

We got up on Sunday and had “the longest day in the world”. We flew from Zurich to Amsterdam. Then from Amsterdam to Minneapolis. My mother came and picked us up at the airport and instead of going home we went straight to the Uptown Art Fair. We go every year, and didn’t want this year to be an exception. We finally got home and crashed very quickly.

This trip was simply awesome. The hiking section was particularly great. I’d love to go back to Switzerland soon.

I’ll probably take a little time off from the site here. I’ll be back in a bit though… see you soon!

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