MobileMe Needs Time Machine

I’m frustrated with MobileMe synchronizing again. I have no idea what happened but around 10:00 am this morning my Address Book has a duplicate everything. All the groups are duplicated, and every contact is duplicated. They are identical, with one exception, the pictures. So now I have 2x the real number of entries and they are all whacky. These are all rolled down to my iPhone already too.

Now, I can get back to healthy pretty easy with Time Machine and I’ve also started doing a weekly archive of my Address Book “just in case”, but I thought syncing for MobileMe was supposed to be improved in 10.5.6?

This made me think, Apple needs to implement Time Machine on MobileMe. I should be able to just login to MobileMe and go back to a few hours and make it all better! MobileMe and Time Machine would be like chocolate and peanut butter. Makes total sense.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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