Tracking Pre-meal and Post-meal Hunger Level

I’ve been tracking my food using Ate. One of my favorite features in Ate is that you can setup questions to answer about the meals, and tracking pre-meal and post-meal hunger level is useful information to me. However, I didn’t like the options so I made this set of options combined with fun emoji that work really well for me. I have the same options for a pre-meal and post-meal question.

0 - Lost hunger 😢
1 - Irritable 😠
2 - Hungry πŸ‘
3 - Satisfied πŸ‘
4 - Full πŸ‘
5 - Sluggish πŸ˜’
6 - Stuffed 😟

The goal is to stay in the πŸ‘ values.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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