The Water Tastes Different

My wife thinks I’m loosing my mind.

We recently ordered new drinking glasses for home. The ones we had before were fine, but we had broken a handful of them leaving only a few left with the resulting problem of running out of glasses too quickly. The glasses we had were clear glass with a pattern and “bubbles” in the glass. They were fine glasses, nothing all that notable about them.

Here are the new glasses.


There is nothing all that notable about these either, except that they are red, and the water tastes funny.

It’s that last part that is the problem. I swear that water tastes funny out of these glasses. Tammy doesn’t notice any change, but I do.

I tested my theory tonight and put the same water in the old, clear glass and the new red glasses. It tastes fine out of the old ones, and odd out of the new glasses. I can only tell two differences: the color and the glass on the new glasses is smoother.

Is there some rare scientific research that can back me up on this? Does the color of a glass change the perceived taste of a liquid? Or have I truly just gone over the edge of insanity now?

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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