AWS re:Invent - Day 1

Seated for AWS re:Invent keynote!

Andy Jassy β€œCloud has become the new normal.” True for many!

β€œshower cycles”? New term to me.

Amazon Aurora looks compelling.

Impressed by first day keynote and all the work going on!

At the re:Invent Security Keynote. AWS capabilities for security has radically changed and improved in recent years. AWS has 5 to 7 thousand instances running continual security tests against internal systems constantly.

Lunch for 9,500.

You will not miss Michael Ducy. Very sparkly!

Nice demo of Datadog.

Attending impressive session on Key Management in AWS with Amy Patton. Wishing Milinda Rambel Stone, our security leader for #TeamSPS, was here too!

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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