AWS re:Invent - Day 1

Seated for a re:Invent keynote!

re:Invent Andy Jassy “Cloud has become the new normal.” True for many!

re:Invent “shower cycles”? New term to me.

Amazon Aurora looks compelling. #reinvent

Incredibly impressed by #reinvent first day keynote and all the work going on!

At the #reinvent Security Keynote. AWS capabilities for security has radically changed and improved in recent years.

AWS has 5 to 7 THOUSANDS instances running continual security tests against internal systems constantly. #reinvent

Lunch for 9,500. #reinvent

You will absolutely not miss @mfdii at #reinvent. Holy sparkles!

Nice demo of @datadoghq at #reinvent.

Very excited to have @MilindaStone leading security efforts for #TeamSPS!

Attending interesting session on Key Management in AWS with @pattonamyj at #reinvent. Wishing @MilindaStone was here too!

Very impressed with the new AWS Key Management Service. #reinvent

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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