Thanks to the miracle of vaccines we were able to enjoy some drinks on a patio this evening with our board members for the first time in over a year. I got on some nice slacks, a good shirt, and some dress shoes! 👞

It was great to see folks that I hadn’t seen in-person for so long. As we were mingling and chatting I happened to look down and noticed some black debris on the floor under me. I didn’t know what it was but it didn’t raise any concerns. Some time later I looked down again and I noticed there was more of this debris. Upon closer inspection I realized that the soles of my shoes were disintegrating with every movement! 😳

I was wearing comfortable and high-quality Ecco shoes. As I looked closer I noticed the entire heal was crumbling into pieces! What an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. I gingerly made my way a few feet so I could chat with some other people. As I was making my way someone asked if my shoes had mud on them. Ugh!

I got myself to the far side of the patio and decided to stake an area out. I managed to stay put for the rest of the evening, with an ever growing pile of debris under my feet. As the night wound down I shared with some folks my shoe catastrophe. It was the source of great laughs! 😂

The shoes went in the garbage as soon as I got home. At least I got a good story out of it.

By the time I got home this is what was left of the soles.

Add this to other wardrobe fiascos like Finding Pants in Manhattan.