How do you get a list of unique addresses that have claimed any set of POAPs?

Each POAP event allows you to download a CSV file that has the addresses that claimed it, along with other data. Download all the CSV files into a directory. Now, assuming you are on Unix-like system, the rest is pretty easy.

First put all the CSVs together in one file. The download from POAP is missing a trailing newline, so loop in the shell.

for file in *.csv; do
for> cat $file >> combined.csv
for> echo "" >> combined.csv
for> done

Now lets spit the second column, the address, into another file. awk does this well.

awk -F "\"*,\"*" '{print $2}' combined.csv > addresses.txt

Now the classic sort and uniq combination will give us what we want.

cat addresses.txt| sort | uniq > addresses-uniq.txt

And you have your list!