The Kindness of Strangers

So, you don’t just walk into a store and get a Wii on the very day it comes out. This morning just before 8am Tammy suggested we should run to Target and check things out. We got there just after 8 and there was clearly a crowd present. Upon entering the store our hopes were dashed. There were well over 100 people in line and they had given out tickets to those that had been camped out all night.

No ticket, no Wii. There were 80 tickets, plus more people that didn’t have tickets and a miserly 60 Wii’s in stock to sell.

As we were standing at the end of the line, my hopes dashed, this scruffy dude said “You need a ticket?” “Yeah,” Tammy quickly replied. He handed over one of the tickets, and not just any ticket, it was ticket #9!

Moral Dilema

Now, here we are with Ticket #9. We didn’t do much of anything for this other than respond to a guy that obviously looked like he had spent the whole night outside. Dozens of people further ahead in line had just watched this guy walk buy and not responded to his query. He wasn’t being shy that he had an extra one. Do we take it and get a Wii?

You bet we do. :-) Wasn’t that hard to get over. We went right up to the front of the line and they were taking anyone with tickets less than 17. We inserted at the front with our stuff and were on our way, Wii in hand.

Thank you kind anonymous dude with an extra ticket. Wish I could have given him something, some cash or anything. I have no idea how he had an extra ticket. Perhaps a friend of his camped in line just for fun? Or maybe they forgot to take it from him? Who knows…

I’m curious – would you have done the same? Or would the boy scout in you kept you from getting such unearned gains?

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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