Weekend Away to Birdwing Spa

A couple of weekends ago Tammy and I went on a weekend getaway for her birthday. Now that we have Izzy, getting out of town was a little more complicated than before. There was a careful choreography of hand-offs for both Mazie and Izzy between relatives while we were out. Thanks to everyone for being so helpful!

I booked a weekend away at Birdwing Spa to celebrate Tammy’s birthday. A weekend away, at a spa, seemed like the perfect thing for her. We were a bit underwhelmed with the spa, but the weekend was still really great. Just getting away and having time to read a book in silence was really nice. Tammy read a book I got her for the weekend called Wild Trees, and I finally read Into Thin Air. We both finished our books on the trip, and even got a little ways into the next books.

The spa itself was okay. The facility was dated and the all-inclusive meals, while obviously focused on healthy eating, were a bit too skimpy for me personally. The property that it is on is great, and we hiked pretty much every trail on the place, some twice.  While tromping around in the trees we ran into six snakes. Did I mention Tammy hates snakes? Yeah, she jumped out of her skin a couple of times.

It’s funny that now being a parent my expectations of a weekend away are so different. They have simultaneously went up and down. On one hand, simply getting away for the weekend and having some relaxation, regardless of surroundings, is great. On the other hand, it’s really hard to get away so when you do you want it to be exceptional! So, in that regard it was a great, not-so-great weekend. 🙂

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