Vitamix in the house

I think everyone knows that I’m the gadget guy at our house. Tammy will often cite that she is anywhere from ambivalent to gadgets, to occasionally finding them outright annoying. With that background, it was a bit of a shock that on a recent visit to Whole Foods she was captivated by the Vitamix. Next thing you know we have one in our kitchen!

The Vitamix is tangentially related to our 30 Day Vegan Challenge. There is a lot of food that you can make using wonderful whole ingredients and a ridiculous blender. We’ve given it the rounds this weekend with some smoothies to get things going and they are awesome.

As a guy that is very familiar with the highest end blenders around I’m very impressed. For years I’ve had a BlendTec and I’m a big fan. The BlendTec is a ridiculous blender as is the Vitamix. Both have areas of specialization, but so far I’m amazed at some of what the Vitamix can pull off.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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