I signed up for Twitter on Wed Dec 20 21:25:24 +0000 2006, claiming user number #82,903.

Twitter quickly became one of the services that I used multiple times everyday. I published thousands of Tweets over the years and followed hundreds of people. I got so into Twitter that my blogging suffered. Over time I became very critical of social media. My opinion has only gotten more convicted about that. For years now I’ve blocked every Facebook property to avoid their surveillance ecosystem. I’ve deleted or disengaged from nearly all social platforms.

Except for Twitter.

I experienced Twitter in the early days when it was so fun. I used Twitter over SMS posting and receiving updates (they weren’t called tweets yet) via text messages! Twitter was such a fun and playful place. I made a Twitter Bot that shared the temperature in my attic. In fact, at one point I had at least eight different Twitter accounts for various projects.

I tried to quit Twitter, multiple times. I’d delete the apps from my phone. I deleted all my tweets. I even unfollowed everyone, destroying my social graph. I still kept a little trickle of Twitter by using an RSS feed to track some key people. Then I would get sucked back in.

Until now.

Thank You Elon! Truly, you have helped me get out of a 17 year addictive relationship with Twitter. I had tried so many times to disengage from Twitter, but it never lasted. But now, it is easy.

There is no Twitter.

I can’t tell you how much easier it is when the thing your addicted to just goes away.

I realize there is something now called X. I have no idea what that is. I didn’t sign up for it. The logo is ugly. I have no interest at all in X.

Twitter though, that was one heck of a drug. Thanks for helping me to kick the habit.

PS: Thank you for making Tesla because it is a great car and has moved the industry along. I’ll likely buy another in the future. ⚡️

PPS: Also thank you for SpaceX cause that is changing the game for space access. 🚀