There is a very common gap in customer experience that is often ignored when you buy a physical product that has to be shipped to you and it has an app that you can use to interact or control it. This can go from a Smart home appliance all the way to a Tesla.

I still remember when I reserved my spot for my Tesla Model 3 and was excited to download the Tesla app only to realize that it wouldn’t let me do anything until I had my car. This is very common, and it is a let down because right at that time of purchase you are excited to get the thing, and are motivated to get things setup so you are ready for it to arrive.

I recently purchased an Eight Sleep system, and for the first time saw a company handle this hand off from purchase, to receipt and app well!

After I completed the order, Eight Sleep smartly directed me right away to download the application and get my account setup. Once creating my account, it knew that I had placed the order but didn’t have it yet, so it helpfully showed me the order status. Even better, in anticipation of the product arriving it also gave me a Checklist to get some things I will need to have on hand when the product arrives.

This is a great way to insure that:

  1. I get my account setup and have the app installed, ready for the arrival of the product.
  2. Make sure that I have everything I need so I’m not disappointed when it arrives.
  3. Smoothly handle the transition from new customer to app user.

Nicely done Eight Sleep!