Rained all day.
17,823 steps.

  • Kids got Dad coffee
  • Angelina’s for snack
  • Took F train to Brooklyn
  • Brunch with Greg and Anniqu at Frankies
  • Took F train to York
  • Walk to Brooklyn bridge
  • Walk across boardwalk on Brooklyn bridge and got super wet
  • took R train and accidentally needed up at Moma Store, not MOMA?
  • Took train to actual MOMA
  • discovered largest line ever waiting for MOMa
  • Everyone in NY inside MOMA hiding from rain
  • Return to Hotel to change into dry clithes
  • Attempted Joes Pizza, too long
  • Attempted Los Tacos. Too long.
  • Went to Harry Potter
  • Returned to Joes Pizza for late night slices
  • went to cvs and bought newspapers to stuff into wet shoes
  • Walked back to hotel