Saturday, August 6th
Nice Icelandic day, a little misty in afternoon, no wind.

Our final full day of this epic Iceland 2022 trip! To frame the day, imagine that each of us had a few things on our list that we wanted to get done before we finished our trip. The net of that is a lot of walking around, various tasks, and a wide variety of things!

  • Breakfast at Sandholt.
  • Walk down Laugavegur.
  • Walk along harbor to a small lighthouse
  • Escaped from Reykjavik Escape!
  • More shopping on Laugavegur, with long stop at Hörg but no purchases.
  • Yummy snack at Loo Koo Mas.
  • Watch the Reykjavik Pride Parade.
  • More shopping, resulting in shoes!
  • Drop off shopping at Airbnb.
  • Never having enough baked goods, stop to try Brauð & Co.
  • Visit the Kattakaffihusid (Cat Cafe) for cappuccino with Cats!
  • More shopping at 66° North to get Mazie a shirt.
  • Much deliberation at art gallery.
  • Go see the Sun Voyager.
  • Shop at Museum Shop in Harpa.
  • Tried to see if we could use the Hopp scooters to get around, but decided wouldn’t work.
  • Visit Vínberið candy store.
  • Visit Rammagerðin to get Icelandic Wool Blanket.
  • Visit Kronan to get some local snacks to bring home.
  • Go to Fly Over Iceland! Stunning visuals, and a lot of places we had been to on the trip.
  • We got super lucky and found another street spot to park car in after driving to Fly Over Iceland! 😅
  • Final dinner in Iceland at Íslenski Barinn. Very good food and a very fun waitress.

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