Tuesday, August 2nd
Great overall weather. Sunny. A few sprinkles.

  • Up early for 8:30a departure with Into the Wild to go on Super Jeep tour of Þórsmörk (Thorsmork) including: Eyjafjallajökull Volcano, Stakkholtsgjá Canyon Hike, Lunch at Thorsmork. We then transitioned to ATV’s for some fun riding and a stop for Gljúfrafoss Hike. Final stop at the very popular Seljalandsfoss waterfall before returning to The Garage.
  • Wonderful late afternoon hot tub time under the waterfall at The Garage. This place is great to stay at.
  • Return visit to Black Crust Pizzeria. We went there yesterday, and the place was too busy, dinner was rushed, and seating wasn’t great. Tammy felt strongly there was a better experience to be had so we went an hour earlier and had a delightful dinner.
  • Visit Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach and the kids had a great time playing on the beach, climbing on columnar geology, exploring the giant cave.
  • Mazie insisted that we stop at this cave just a bit down the road from The Garage on the way back. She read the sign and discovered it was Steinahellir Cave. It had a varied history, including some superstitions. Mazie insisted that we all get out and go through the door and see it. But then she got super scared about the stories of bad luck and insisted none of us go in and then we had to let Steinahellir Cave know that we were good people. 🤞

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