My friend Layne Kennedy launched a Kickstarter for his new book Beyond the Light. I met Layne when Tammy signed me up for a Dog Sledding Photography workshop in 2009. Layne is an incredible photographer, creator, and teacher.

They speak to us about the power of connection, the place of beauty in our lives, and the strength that comes from deep within us all.

They go beyond the light,.

That is why, after 40 years of searching out these images, wherever they are found – from my own backyard to locations across the world – I am bringing a curated collection of these photographs and the stories behind them, together in a new, high-quality collector’s edition book; BEYOND THE LIGHT: The Stories Behind The Photographs.

I still routinely hear Layne’s words when I look through the viewfinder.

“Every photo tells a story. What is the story you are telling?”

True for many things beyond photography too…

The Kickstarter is just $1,000 away from the funding goal! 🎉

Beyond the Light by Layne Kennedy