Today the movers will be showing up to move all the big things to our new house! It’s been nearly 9 years since we last moved. It is the first time that our kids are part of the moving process, making it a completely new experience for them.

We have really loved this house and the neighborhood. It’s been a great 9 years, without any reservations.

Tammy and I have watched a couple of episodes of Tidying Up on Netflix. Marie Kondo takes a moment in the beginning of each episode to introduce herself to the house. It’s humorous to see the homeowners in each episode react to her meditatively sitting on the floor doing this. It seems both odd and entirely fitting to communicate with the house.

In my own way, I would like to send a message to our home for the last nine years on Morgan Ave. “Thank you. You have been a great place for our family to grow, have fun, and be happy together.”