I think week 13 of the project will go down as the least exciting week for me. The only thing to get worked on was the mudroom tile floor. That was out of necessity, the mudroom is the access point to the basement and in the laborious process of putting in the tile floor access to the basement was cut off. The process takes days so it felt like a really slow week.

On the positive side, this marks the start of “finish work” to the project. The floor is really nice and on Friday the doors for the basement and all the finish materials were delivered. We’ve also received the exterior lights and on Tuesday (after Labor Day) the finish carpenters show up to start that work. The tile will also be finished this week. πŸ˜€

I was curious about the yellow box on the wall that said Loud Mouth on it. The electrician hooked that up to the in floor heat before the tile guy did his work. It monitors the integrity of the circuit, and if anything goes wrong during tiling it starts making noise immediately. Pretty smart to have.