It seems lately that nearly every day there is something happening on our house. We don’t have any major remodel going on, but the combination of a lot of small and medium projects has everything in a state of flux.

Today we got our rain gutters installed and I’m very pleased with them. I worried a great deal about this since our house was designed without any overhang and like all houses from the late 1980s didn’t have any rain gutters put on it. When I thought about the gutters being put on it I really thought they would ruin the modern look of the house but I’m pleased to say that I think they look fine. In fact, I told Tammy that it’s possible that they actually are a nice addition.

We got the 6 inch gutters which I think was the right call. The smaller ones could have looked odd on the house. I’m now eagerly awaiting a good rain so that I can see them in action. This will definitely keep the moisture away from the house.