Jamie Thingelstad

Crypto Allocation (June 2021)

Time for another Crypto Allocation update. The last two months have seen a huge draw down in all crypto markets. Here is NYDIG Market Update on June 23, 2021 to put it into context.

The current market drawdown, the peak to trough decline, currently ranks as one of bitcoin’s toughest periods. The current decline of 55.6% is the fifth most severe, following big rallies and subsequent drawdowns in 2011, 2013 (which had two), and 2017.

So needless to say all crypto assets are down substantially in that period. Here is how my allocation looks as of today, with notes below. I’ve added some footnotes. Tokens that have no notes are ones that I have made an active decision to hold some invested amount in. Others are either included in my basket, or are tokens I hold for some utility.

* Indicates tokens that Coinbase makes a market in with a $10B market cap.
** Indicates a token that does not meet one of my criteria, meaning it is either less than $10B in market cap or is not traded on Coinbase, however I have purchased it for some other purpose.


Also see April 2021 and March 2021 allocations, and my approach to crypto.

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