Crypto Allocation (April 2021)

I’ve been building out my approach to crypto. I shared my allocation in March and updated it this weekend.


  • I’ve been increasing Ethereum to get closer to Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum together are 80%.
  • Increased the amount of Cardano as an additional Ethereum-like blockchain.
  • Doubled Filecoin, which builds a permanence layer on IPFS.
  • Added Curve DAO because of the focus on cost-efficient swapping between stablecoins.
  • Added Enjin because of the focus on NFTs.

I’m sharing this as my own notes for any value they may have to others.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

This work by Jamie Thingelstad
is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License