We are not a golfing family. I’m not a golfer. The extent of our golfing is really some mini-golf once in a while. But while in Doolin we walked by the Doolin Pitch & Putt and it looked like it might be something we could do.

Many people go to Ireland in part to play on gorgeous golf courses. Our Pitch & Putt was right off the ocean and had some great scenery. Our golf game? As bad as expected. 🤣

Auto-generated description: A smiling group of four people, each holding golf clubs, is standing together on a sunny golf course. Auto-generated description: Two people are playing golf on a sunny day, with one preparing to putt near a sand bunker and the other standing near the flag on an open, grassy course. Auto-generated description: A grassy golf course near the ocean, with a few people in the distance under a clear blue sky. Auto-generated description: A person is swinging a golf club on a grassy coastal area with the ocean in the background. Auto-generated description: A person in a yellow shirt and blue jeans is hitting a golf ball out of a sand trap on a grassy golf course.