Today we “celebrate” the Winter Solstice. Here in Minneapolis the sun will rise at 7:48 am and set at 4:35 pm. We’ll get 527 minutes of daylight, the least we will get for the last and next few months.

Much is said about Minnesota’s cold and snowy winters and mostly I find those just fine if not great. Snow can be fun and so pretty. It can be a challenge to overcome as you drive and get about, but one we are sort of proud of. The cold is okay with the right gear. And both of them make for delightful winters inside and out, with a nice cup of hot cocoa and hopefully a fireplace to warm up inside. Maximum Hygge!

But I’m not a fan of the dark. In a typical year I go to the office in the dark and leave in the dark. One upside of being at home with the pandemic is getting to experience more of the limited sunlight. I shouldn’t complain too much as I know there are many who suffer from seasonal affective disorder in this time of year. I only wish that we had more time to be outside.

So I had a thought today of celebrating the Winter Solstice as a bigger deal. Try to turn that frown upside down of sorts and make an event of our shortest day. I’m starting by writing this, and will be getting the kids into it in some form. In the process we can also note the march of longer days to come!