Hiking in Cave Creek

This morning we drove to Cave Creek Regional Park to go for a hike. It was about 40 minutes from where we are staying but well worth the drive. We did a loop heading out on Go John Trail, then to Quartz Trail, and then back on Slate Trail. We hiked 3.5 miles, gaining 425 feet, and took a total of 1h 22m.

It was a really nice hike with great views. There were gentle climbs up but overall it was a nice trail that wasn’t overly difficult.

There were Saguaro Cactus all over the place. 🌡

Family selfie at the intersection of Go John and Quartz trails.

The Quartz Trail has a lot of quartz on it. This huge outcropping of quartz was impressive.

Lucky was tired out and incredibly dusty.

We also added an extra mile of hiking before this hike because we took off down this trail, and didn’t notice the “North” part. After going a half mile we turned around and started over on the right trail. Ooops!

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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